Polling Day

Hey everyone This poem tells the story of election day 2015. I have given it the title Polling Day I hope you enjoy the read.

Polling Day
I cast my vote in the morning not too early but early enough to get things done
The sun shone as if to say
This would be a day
where hope seized the moment and made it ours
The flower of Scotland would bloom
by the power of hearing our voices
We would make a choice to transform our land
Westminster would understand
If they wanted us to stay
they would have to listen
Or the kingdom they claimed to be united
Would disintegrate in front of their eyes
No British government would ever again downsize the ambitions of our nation
Aspirations were for us as well as others
Later that night on polling duties
I discovered a confident people as they went to do what I had already done
By 8 o’clock I was convinced we had won
Of course I said this to nobody
Complacency is the enemy of victory
I kept my dignity and stayed on patrol
Till the clock struck 10
Only then did I leave the school
I remembered the golden rule
Campaign for every vote
right up to the very last minute
You can never tell how close it’s going to be
Until ballot boxes are emptied and the count is under way
Every polling day is different
yet in many ways the same party campaigns result in gains or losses
depending on local or national trends
At my polling place I met friends
I had known for years
Had to hold back the tears
As I was reminded I would soon have a wedding to attend
I had to restrain myself
from laughing
when pensioners predicted a defeat for my candidate
Informing me the East End had always been Labour
and that Labour were bound to win again
It was just the way it was and would forever be
There was no point in the SNP even standing
and anyway didn’t I know nobody liked Alex Salmond
It was useless trying to explain
Alex Salmond was no longer my party leader
As for telling the non voting BNP man
that his mate in the National Front didn’t know everything but was actually denying reality
Let’s just say I thought better of it
My motto has always been live and let live
though I don’t think he can say the same
When things go wrong
the know it alls always look for someone to blame
Then I met another friend who told me it was game on in Glasgow North East and Willie Bain was going to lose
I met loads of characters of all poltical hues
during a very interesting shift
In which I was proud to stand for Scotland

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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