The Campaign

Hey everyone After a few days of celebrating my party’s historic success in the the poetic story of the successful Glasgow East campaign which ended with the historic victory for Natalie McGarry. This is a storu which I think it may take more than one poem to tell. So this may be the first of a few I’ve called it The campaign I hope you enjoy the read.

The Campaign

With passion pride and purpose we took to the streets of Glasgow East.
Our mission to win this seat would not be achieved without hard work  we couldn’t rely on national swings or lucky circumstances                     nor  leave victory to chance.           our opponent was one of Labour’s big beasts.                                                 A woman who wouldn’t be beaten easily.                                                     she wouldn’t lose without a fight. Our candidate was bright and had already won.                                            A tough selection contest by being honest.                                                   not pretending to be an eastender When she was born and raised in another part of our nation                her mother her inspiration           who planted her principals as the roots of her life.                                 This is a woman who knows what had to be done to tackle austerity, and social deprivation.                     the problems of an area neglected for too long.                                             It was she said time to sing a different song.                                   and she was the one to sing it.        we would place no limits on ambitions                                               for Scotland or for our people. Aspirations should not be left for others.                                                     we would not be put back in our box or told to be quiet.                   Scotland has changed and changed for good.                                                We were the fresh new voice the people’s choice.                                  but before this seat would be gained.                                                We’d be out in all weathers.        Sun, wind, rain, snow.                       As every campaigner knows.               we had jobs to be done.                     and they all needed doing.           from canvassing to leaflet distributions.                                 street stalls to office admin.        This was a team on a mission to win                                                         and campaign for a better tomorrow

@ Gayle Smith 2015


One Reply to “The Campaign”

  1. well done to each and every one of you that went out there to make the difference, lets hope we get the changes we are hoping for and see a big difference in our country by the time the next election comes along.

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