A Song And Dance Were Made By Girls Who Were Proud Of Their Year Of Achivements

Hey everyone As the election draws ever closer I know that I need to stay sane and remember there are other things in life and one of the most important things to me is my faith. So with my faith very much in mind I decided that for a couple hours tonight that my life would be politics free and I attended the annual prize giving for the 95th company of the Glasgow Girls Brigade.

As I arrived it was brilliant to see that the event was being well supported with a very healthy attendance from family, friends, and parishioners. Yes make no mistake Baillieston St Andrew’s will always turn out in number to support our girls.

The service started with the hymn I the lord of sea and sky. This is a beautiful hymn which perfectly sums up the founding principle of The Girls Brigade to serve, seek, and follow Jesus. Indeed music was to play a big part of this awards service as the girls sang their way through the bible.

Taking the story of Jesus from creation, through to birth, life, death, and resurrection, the girls showed they are natural performers with a wide range of songs which told the story in an innovative and imaginative way.

For their badge work this year the girls learned about Glasgow, for their educational attainment. Got involved in a dance project for the physical achievement and as part of their spiritual badge work they wrote and performed the Christmas nativity play which I thought was brilliant and is the subject of an earlier post on this blog.

It was as one of the group leaders told us a year of achievement for the girls who swept the board at the North East Glasgow Girls Brigade Competition winning just about every prize available. This was a brilliant result for the company and is testament to the great support they receive from the officers.

Eventually it was time for the awards to be presented and just like last year there was a girl on crutches, thankfully however it was not the same girl, that would have been taking bad luck too far. Hopefully this time next year I will be able to report on a prize giving ceremony with no girls are injured before hand.

At the end of the evening we finished by singing the traditional Girls Brigade hymn Lord We Ask Your Blessing before retiring to the main hall for coffee and cakes or in my case chocolate biscuits. As I congratulated a couple of the girls I have come to know through attending church, it was good to be part of such a great occasion and I felt a sense of belonging which is so much a part of our wee kirk on the corner.

As I made the very short journey back to my home I reflected on the fact that it had indeed been a terrific year for the 95th company Glasgow Girls Brigade. It had as their leader said been a year of achievement and the girls had every right to celebrate the fact by making a song and dance of those achievements.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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