Dear Neighbour I Don’t Do Politics But Please Vote Labour Anyway. ( A Message From The Haribo School Of Political Culture

Hey everyone Last night whilst socialising with some fellow SNP members at the end of a hard day’s campaigning one of the team handed me a letter and asked me to read it saying it was allegdy by a neighbour of hers of behalf of Labour candidate for Glasgow Central Anas Sarwar.

To say this letter disturbed me was putting it mildly. We have information that it’s a chain letter doing the rounnds of behalf of the Labour Party. This to me at least is terrifying. I say this not becauase it contains any earth shattering news which could dent my party’s chances of electoral success but because it of such a basic standard that one could be forgiven for thinking it was written by a pre school child.

It is dear readers, for your benefit not to mention amusement that I have decided to copy word for word the content of this work of such genius that Labour has or so it would seem, handed their creative department over to a bunch of idiots and belleve me when I say that is far too flattering a description. Anyway, here goes and be prepared to be amazed. It comes from the I don’t do politics but I want you to vote Labour anyway school of thought or as I call it the Hariebo School of political culture. I warn you now you will be genuinely shocked as to how bad this actually is.

Dear Neighbour

I am one of your neighbours in Dalmarnock. I don’t normally get involved in politics, but who we have fighting for us as our local Member Of Parliament will make a big difference to people living in Glasgow

When I went to see Anas Sarwar about an issue that was affecting me he couldn’t have been more helpful. He stood up for me and now I’m asking you to stand up for him.

Anas wants to use money from a new tax on bankers bonuses to pay for a guarenteed job, training or apprenticeship for every young person in Glasgow. And he backs using a mansion tax to pay for extra nurses for NHS. I think these are things are worth fighting for and worth voting for.

I’m also worried that some people might not vote or vote for another party. This will only help the Tories win and that would be bad for Glasgow.

So when you go to vote I am urging you to vote for Anas Sarwar so Glasgow will always have someone standing up for us and putting Glasgow first.

Thanks for taking the time to read this .

Yours sincerely,

Now, I hope you’ll forgive me for saying this but I smell a rat here and the smell is absolutely stinking. I mean seriously this is Kindergarten stuff, playground pollitics for beginners. I don’t know precisely what audience Labour are trying to target here but I do know it isn’t working. I also suspect that this letter is by no means unique to Mr Sarwar. It could I suspect, be by written by Jimmy From Castlemilk in support of Tom Harris, or wee Jean from Shettleston In support of Margaret Curran.

The letter is badly drafted, littered with spelling and punctuation errors and smacks of complete and utter desperation. The tone of the language is almost childlike, it’s if the writer is saying Anas is my friend now I want you to be his friend. It is if you like almost like a political version of the Haribo adverts where alledgely sane adults turn in to children. I would find it laughable if its misguided message wasn’t so dangerous. This it seems is a deliberate attempt to con the gullible and simple minded in to voting Labour.

Whilst I have no doubting the sincerity of Anas Sarwar I think this letter demonstrates how dangerous the unionists can be. The over simplicification of the Labour good all other parties bad, is so bad it borders on farcial and as for the bankers bonuses, it is I think fair to say that Labour never exaxctly bent over backwards to stop them during the Blair-Brown years.
You know the years when they said they would consign Child Poverty to the history books but they didn’t and it actually got worse on their watch.

My final point to Margaret is this. I know of a quicker way to spend money on Nurses, and apprenticeships. It’s called not wasting money on trident and the House Of Lords. This letter with its patronising tone all too readily asssumes that working class voters are idiots and need a wee push away from those other parties who won’t let those nice little Labour children run the schoolyard the way they want to.

This may or may not have been the case in the past but it is most certainly not the case now. Our voters are now far more adept at spotting tricks like this than they were in generations past. We know that the phrase I don’t do politics means that those use it do tend to do politics but they don’t do progressive politics and are shit scared of change. I am also insulted that with Margaret’s obvious political brain is worried about people voting for another party as this she says without any evidence to back up her claim will let the Tories in and that in her world would be bad for Glassgow. I think someone needs to tell this poor deluded woman that in 1979, 1983 , 1987, 1992 and yet again in 2010 Scotland voted Labour and still got a Tory government we neither wanted nor voted for. This cannot be allowed to continue which is why I not only do polltics but do them with pragramentism, passion and principle and that dear readers is why unlike those from the Haribo school of political culture I will be voting SNP on Thursday. You see I want an MP who will stand up for Scotland and I believe that Natalie McGarry we have an MP who can do exactly that.

Love And Best Wiishes
Gayle XXX


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