Ragged Trousered Brits

Hey.everyone. This morning a very rich young couple become parents and inspired me to write a poem. The news of the birth has spread like wildfire through the global press and media and was greeted by europhoria by hardline British Nationalists many of whom have to rely on state benefits to survive The irony of this situation does not escape me and I have titled the poem Ragged Trousered Brits I hope you enjoy the read.

Ragged Trousered Brits

Ragged Trouseresd Royal lovers drool over a baby for a wealthy couple
The child from the gilded cage will command centre stage
From the world’s press and media
Those with nothing better to do will set up wikipedia pages
For the new born baby
No ifs but’s or maybe’s
The royal circus will get out of control
Fairtytales and myths will be spun
Over choice of name
Her future title
This information will labelled vital
By people she will never meet from areas where streets and not paved with gold but with shit
Meanwhile ragged trousered Brits
Use foodbanks and get no real benefit from a kingdom united to serve the needs of the rich
Oblivious they sing the billy boys and rule Britainia
Forgeting the inconveinant truth
The family to which they bow the knee
Will never see the poverty they live in
Unless it’s on a TV Documentry

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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