Brand Britain

On day 29 and the penultimate day of NaPoWriMo This poem reflects on the words of Glasgow born Booker Press winning author James Kelman who said during the independence debate that Britain was is not a nation it is a trading name used to allow the rich to conduct their business. I think he is bang on the money with this comment which is why after thinking about the ideas behind it i have come up with the poem Brand Britain which i hope reflects my own views on this issues and does justice to someone i both respect as author and admire as a man. I hope you enjoy the read.

Brand Britain

The United Kingdom is not a nation
we have to understand
it is more like a multi national corporation
the way brand Britain is sold
It is less about the red white and blue
far more important is the silver and gold
It makes for the treasury
every little helps to the establishment established
In our minds
the London Times and the BBC
talk down to the celtic fringes
see us as less civilised than them
their friends play a game
called the race to number 10
in which they invite us to participate
every five years
The rules are that we cast our vote
then get ignored and neglected
until the next game is due
what they do between games
Is up to them
we have no say
and heaven forbid we should ask to assist
If the winners score isn’t high enough
we’re not allowed to voice an opinion
Brand Britain has to remain
a premier brand in global markets
We wouldn’t understand it
or so were are told
It’s not really about the red white and blue
Silver and gold are far more important
to this casino which masquerades as a nation
where the rulers are on mission
Scotland will never matter
to those who control the wealth
Our people are waking up
we understand
the product is no longer top rate.
It is time to move on
Brand Britain has long since
passed the sell by date

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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