Xenophobes With Word Processors

On day 28 of NapoWrimo my subject is xenophobia which as we know is activity encouraged by certain sections of the British establishment and their friends in the press and media. Yes i am mainly referring to the tabloid press and the BBC but if truth be known even some of the so-called respectable broadsheets indulge in this disreputable behaviour. i have to admit to being totally disgusted with the fear of foreigners nonsense so i have decide d to write this poem as my way of voicing my considerable displeasure at this out of date attitude to those some would perceive as other. I have given it the title Xenophobes With Word Processors i hope you find it an enjoyable, challenging, and thought provoking read.

Xenophobes With Word Processors

Xenophobes With Word Processors
sit behind their comfy desks
typing hate at record speed
This is the last thing we need in a civilised nation
Scapegoating and demonising
so called ‘ others’
Is not the way to go.
Yes I know they live in a mythical past
but that is no reason for not embracing the present
These people may find me unpleasant
because I don’t want a day trip to Victorian Britain
I want better than that
I want a vision for tomorrow
a land of fairness and equality
where our national priorities
are spending real money
to get people out of poverty
rather than wasting money
on weapons of war
providing decent homes
reducing the gender gap
so girls can be valued
for who they are
not what they can used for
like part time jobs on zero hours contracts
It’s time to state the facts
It is not immigration that’s to blame
for the state of the country
Ugly language creates more problems
than it solves
meanwhile Xenophobes With Word Processors
sit in ivory towers with guarded gates
spreading fear and hate
teaching the gullible to loathe
those considered different

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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