A Woman With Caramels

Hey everyone On Day 27 of NaPoWriMo Today’s poem is on the ageing process and my natural instinct to fight it for as long as possible. I’ve titled A Woman With Caramels I hope you enjoy the read.

A Woman With Caramels

Yesterday at church
i think i became officially middle aged.
An elder gave me a caramel
before the service started,
like you would to the ladies of guild.

This to me, marks a change of perception
i am now seen
as a woman of the Kirk.
A woman who knows her bible.
A woman with a place in the pews.

Yes i have radical views
formed from the experience of youth
though now tempered with reason.
i am, if you like seasoned,
by summers and winters past
weathered only slightly, by time.

A woman with caramels
i hold on to my beliefs
like badges of honour.
Those who know me well
know the rebel will never die.
To them, i will always be
trouble with a capital T

i will not grow old gracefully.
i will still show a bit of leg
when i think the occasion is right.
fight the advancing years
with rebellion.
take my place on stage
age at my pace
i may be a woman with caramels
but i still prefer chocolates to mints

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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