For As Long As 100 Remain

Hey everyone On day 26 of NaPoWriMo My poem reflects on yesterday’s excellent Hope Over Fear demonstration in Glasgow’s Freedom Square it tells the story of the deception the BBC will go to serve their colonial masters otherwise known as the Loyal and Unionist British Establishment. Yesterday, they did as they always do and mis reported Scotland only 100 people had gathered at the event when in truth the real figure was 7,000. I should know I was there and not tucked up in the BBC propaganda department guessing what I hoped the figure might be. So , bearing this mind i think can tell a more accurate story of the crowd figures. I had to giggler at their estimate you see being chatty wee madam, i can truthfully say i spoke to more than 100 people within the first hour of a highly enjoyable day. I’ve titled the poem for as long as 100 remain which as historians amongst you will know is a phrase borrowed from the Declaration Of Arbroath which established Scotland’s independence in 1320 before our nation was hijacked by a vicious and vaccous parcel of rogues. I hope you enjoy the read.

For As Long As 100 Remain

Freedom Square only had 100 people at the demonstration
To voice support for our nation
according to the BBC
Well pardon me but I was actually there
Not tucked away in the safety of pacific quay
where the ministry of propaganda
claim we are too poor to be free
Scotland is no tartan Zimbabwe
though unionists tried to compare Alex Salmond to Mugabe
during the referendum
I’m really sorry to spoil the BBC master plan
to miss report Scotland
and tell the gullible
only what their colonial masters
want to hear
Hope over fear was and remains our story
we will tell the world of our ambition
to take our place in the family of nations
truth will be our inspiration
to shine a light on the dark palace
They can lie all they like
they are fooling only themselves
For as long as 100 remain we will gather
to campaign in the name of our nation
we will celebrate and declare our right to be free
On this day with stories and songs to share
7,000 assembled in freedom square
I should know I was actually there and spoke to at least 200 people in a hour
Not that this fact actually matters
If you listen to the patter
of what Patrick Harvie called
the noble fourth estate
the truth can wait
It is always the first causality of war.
the state broadcaster has to pay the piper
They juggle with numbers
hoping no-one sees their tricks
Meanwhile in 666 Opportunity Avenue
I have discovered a secret
they have kept closely guarded
for the needs of the self interested few
who claim we’re north British
for the red white and blue
I found a statement in the attic
It made me laugh
when it comes the numbers game
even auntie knows though good with words
fanatics are useless at Maths

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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