A Thousand Women

Hey everyone On Day 25 of NaPoWriMo. It’s a political poem with a difference. This morning I had the honour of attending the launch of The SNP Women’s pledge. It was an inspiring event and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was in inspirational form speaking from the heart with a passion and power her opponents cannot hope to match I have called it A Thousand Women. I hope you enjoy the read.

This morning as in Glasgow City Centre
To a welcome of smiles and sunshine
A thousand woman gathered
To hear our First Minister pledge
To Inspire our nation to fight
For a nation based on fairness
And equality
To make poverty history
And Scotland’s voice heard
in the corridors of power.
A thousand women gathered
To show our support
For the first women to hold
The office she now commands
Understand this and leave no room for doubt
Scotland can do without Trident
Guarding the nation’s foodbanks
It is time to send Westminster a message
In the clear blue skies of morning
We say forget jam tomorrow
We demand our jam today
We will fight for a land where bairns
Are always put before bombs
And the political needs of Tories
Be they red blue or any political hue
Are not Scotland’s priority
A thousand women gathered
To fight for the new democracy
We want to build and equality for all
Is more than just a phrase
We want a land where daughters, sisters, mothers, lovers, friends,
Have the right to be ourselves
We can have the country we deserve
A land where women will get equal pay
For equal work
Where those who wish to destroy our enviroment
Will be told to frack off
A thousand woman gathered to show the world
The power of female force when we fight to right wrongs
There will be no songs of sorrow
We win tomorrow by remembering the words of Madonna
Second best is never enough
And we won’t accept it.
We will build a new Scotland based on inclusion and respect
A Scotland our daughters can be proud of

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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