In The Bag

Hey everyone On day 24 of NaPoWriMo i realise i may be committing fashion heresy by giving the world an insight into that most secret of all places otherwise known as a women’s handbag. In my defence however there are so many gorgeous bags out there at the moment i thought i might as well give it a go. I’ve given it the title In The Bag I hope you enjoy the read.

in The Bag

On a visit to Accessorise I look at the handbags
i see a wide range of styles and colours.
Discover, a world of temptations .
Something to suit all occasions
inspiration for every type of girl.

First i see the clutch.
Our weekend friend
A must have, for all those on trend.
even if, it only has room
for our most essential items
money, keys, phone, lippy.

There are are enough choices
to a drive a girl dippy.
I see what i call a bible bag,
so small, it can be only be used
for kirk on Sunday mornings
i give you fair warning
this bag is under the ultimate inspection
god will know much you gave him
for the collection.

The Merry Poppins bag has room
for every little essential
but no room for extras whatever they may be
cant they see that women know
no such thing exists.
we carry only what we need,
and if that means everything
then that’s the way it has to be

The work bag is very compartmentalised
has many different sections
some of which we may never use
or even know exist
we must resist temptation
to take our work home with us
our lives have enough clutter as they are
without a mobile office

Next i see a sparkly bag with so many sequins
it looks like a glitter-ball
though what team it up with
could be a problem
after all i left boob tubes and ra ra skirts
in the 1980’s.
i have no wish to go back to the future
My choice wold be something Madonna like
though these days my basque and fishnet tights
are left for rocky horror nights
or dances of a strictly private kind.

Finally i find my bag of choice
it speaks to me in that Glasgow girl voice
Saying buy me
which as soon as i have the money i will
it is a half of Scotland bag
similar to the Mary Poppins
but with room for my life.

Yes i did say life.
i like the idea of having room
for everything under the sun
including a notebook should i need one
for the poem or blog i may decide to write
Lipstick, tights, and an entire change of outfit
should i decide i need it
can all be stored in a bag
the size of a small country
the bigger the better especially if it looks lovely

i have to admit, that day fed my inspiration
not only did it help me find a poem
it proved there are bags for every occasions
and yes guys, We really Do Need Them All

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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