Stronger For Scotland

Hey everyone. On Day 21 of NaPoWrIMo my topic or perhaps i should say subject for the poem is according to The Daily Mail and other right wing scandal sheets the most dangerous woman in Britain. Well that’s what they called SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon the morning after she trounced both Conservative Prime Minister and his would be main rival leader of the Labour Party Ed MIlliband in the General Election Leaders Debate. However as someone who is a not only a member of her party but has also campaigned for her at Scottish and UK General Elections, i know Nicola Sturgeon to be a not only a brilliant orator but also someone who is committed be fairness and social justice in Scotland for as a long as we remain a part of it throughout the United Kingdom. I hope this poem Which was based on an article in yesterday’s Guardian by the brilliant Lesley Riddoch gives you a flavour of a woman i am proud to call my party leader and a woman i truly respect. I have given it the title Stronger For Scotland, i hope you enjoy the read.

Stronger For Scotland

Fiercely committed to her cause
she demonstrates a fiery passion.
Something so often found lacking
in the spectacle of the Westminster circus.
Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister
a woman of principle
she knows how to play the game.

A quiet but assertive woman
who does not seek fame,
she speaks from the heart
wanting not centre stage
but a part, in the unfolding drama,
in the story of a nation.

This woman is no instant success
we have known of her talents for years
A leader, who will not be held hostage to fear.
She will fight, for a more progressive society
in which people are valued
for their skills and abilities.

A woman of stature she has a sense of dignity
seldom seen in political leaders.
The experience of the last few years
have shaped her in to the woman Scotland trusts.
The opposition have no-one of her calibre
She has waited a long time for this chance.

Now as her nation advances,
she offers the hand of friendship
to voters in England.
Realising that for as long as Scotland remains
a part of the United Kingdom
she, and the party she leads,
will have a part to play,
To make sure Scotland has a say
in the way we are governed.
The days of remote control rule
from Westminster and the City Of London
are over, and over and over for good.

This is a leader who is not in the mood
to be ignored.
She a has a very clear vision
for the future of our country
based on fairness and equality.
A better land awaits,
for those with the courage to claim it.
Nicola Sturgeon is no overnight sensation
She has served her time
her apprenticeship is over
she is now the sorceress
and Scotland will be all the stronger for it

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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