The Flag Of Alba’s Children

Hey everyone On Day 19 of NaPoWriMo My poem focuses on my vision not just of an independence but of the kind of nation i want my country to be. This poem may not sit well with some of my fellow members of the SNP as i realise we are a very broad church. Indeed it may even speak to some disenfranchised members and supporters of the Labour Party who are disgusted that a bunch of private school kids have hijacked their party for their own political agenda’s, careers and ego’s The Poem is called The Flag Of Alba’s Children I hope you enjoy the read.

The Flag Of Alba’s Children.

The people’s banner once raised high,
lies blood stained on the floor.
A lion escapes from the wilderness
a nation hears it roar.
A country which used to walk in the dark,
is now awake and risen
but those who sold our people out
will never be forgiven.

As morning breaks it’s time to claim
the land we call our own.
Alba’s children will take back
the country we call home.
So when at last the first light dawns
to shine on Scotland’s choice
The people’s banner will be flown
our blood shall be it’s voice.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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