Ready For Battle

Hey everyone On day 18 of NaPoWriMo The theme I’ve chosen is battle. This is highly appropriate giving there is an election coming up, and i spent the morning campaigning for the SNP in warmth of the Parkhead Sunshine. I have the given the poem the title, Ready For Battle I hope you enjoy the read.

Ready For Battle

As the sun rose in the East End of our dear green place
we were up for thew challenge we face
persuading others to embrace the chance for change
the battle bus was at the ready
to ferry campaigners to their allocated areas.
The rooms were buzzing with anticipation.
This is a nation in the mood for change
we are tired of the same old unionist spin
the line that only Labour can beat the Tories
is at best a false promise the statistics show
it’s dishonest.
an attempt to con voters who will no longer be conned

A new Scotland dawned during the referendum
and will not go back in to the box.
The days of calling us subsidy junkies and whinging jocks
are over and and over for good and all .
This Cinderella does not want a ticket for the ball,
she demands it and she will if necessary
break down the doors to get it .
Never forget we did not endorse devolution
our vote last year gave this so-called union
the yellow card .
If you refuse her access to dine at the table as an equal
we will not be long in changing the colour to red

it was with a spring in my step
i went to Parkhead and found people eager for change
the young, old, and middle aged realising
it is time for a new Scotland,
A Scotland of vision
where ambition is celebrated not mocked
communities talked up rather than down
there are no limits to what we can see
in the clear blue sky.
our dream shall never die

We can be the change we want to see for humanity
end the insanity of nuclear weapons on the Clyde
spend the money we save on education, job creation, and fighting to eradicate poverty.
On a sunny morning i was proud to play my part
in the fight for a better democracy
where foodbanks are placed in the history books
and if you look find zero hours contracts are there as well.

The hell of knowing zero hours means zero future is no longer acceptable
let alone made semi respectable by a party who for too long has lied
to our nation and the voters they have taken for granted
on the false promise that only Labour can stop the Tories
we won’t be conned like our parents at grand parents before us
our message could be clearer, ignore us at your peril
Your leaders dined with the devil
we haven’t forgotten
we are Scotland.
We are ready for battle,
we will fight till the sun melts the rocks

@Gayle Smith 2015


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