Clearing The Desk

hey everyone As i reach the half way point of NaPoWriMo today’s poem covers a significant event in my life namely being made redundant just two weeks after my 50th Birthday in July 2011. The poem shows how devastating this was to me at the time but little did i realise how beneficial it would be to my mental health and well being . I have called it Clearing the Desk I hope you enjoy the read .

Clearing The Desk

there was a finality in clearing the desk
removing all my belongings
from my personal space.
The space that said
this is my workplace.
No farewell or leaving presents
could make this time any less pleasant
it was going to be like this
Nice words and kisses on cards wished me well.
but nothing could prepare me for the sense of loss
clearing your desk provides.
This was a reminder that my services
would no longer be required.
I was discarded like an old lipstick
or a skirt no longer on trend.
This was the of the journey
it was time to start afresh
to write the next chapter of my story
There was however a bright side
i would have more time to spend on my poetry.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


One thought on “Clearing The Desk

  1. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. When it happened to me I was out of work for a whole 12 hours, but it was a couple of years before I was back in my chosen career and the repercussions were pretty devastating.


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