On A Visit To A Foodbank I Was Called A Suffragette

Hey everyone,  Day 14 of NaPoWriMo has resulted in a poem which is political but not party political. It is shall we say written in support of party activists and campaigners of all parties who the real work. The work without which no candidate could ever be elected .The  theme was  given to me by fellow blogger  Amanda-Jaied Wathern  who suggested i write a poem on using your vote.  As for the title, it was inspired by a volunteer at Sandyhills foodbank when she said I was a bit of a suffragette. naturally i was  delighted at this compliment which is why i have called the poem On A Visit To A  Foodbank I Was Called A Suffragette. I hope you enjoy the read.

On A Visit To A Foodbank  I Was Called A Suffragette

On a visit to a foodbank  I Was called a suffragette

by one of the volunteers.

This compliment was given freely

when i said i was member of the SNP.

Though she didn’t agree with my politics

she respected my honesty

When i said i always use my vote and encourage others to do it too

It is important to let your views be known

not just when it comes to your party of choice

it is also essential to let your voice  be heard in internal party elections

as candidate selection can be a critical factor

in winning people’s trust

you’ve got it sussed she said

your a bit of a suffragette

I replied that I always attended party meetings

and wished people would stop bleating on

about everyone being in it for themselves

i  know this isn’t true

i told her i have friends of all political hues

who are out in weathers doing their bit for their cause

or indoors  stuffing envelopes

for the next leaflet distribution

problems won’t be solved overnight

but if we start a dialogue there is  a chance

we might be able to change what we can

for the better.

I have no agenda, except to remind candidates

I will never forget what brought me in to politics

a fairer society based  on equality not exclusion.

Without the activists no party could achieve what they have.

there are more of us than there are of them.

They need us, we are their front line fighters.

As for me, what you see is what you get.

On a visit to a foodbank  i was called a suffragette

it is  a badge i shall wear with pride.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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