Uninvited Guests

Hey everyone It’s day 13 of NaPoWriMo and since today is the 13th day of both this challenge and the month my poem covers the topics of bad luck and superstition. This suggestion was given to Jodie McKenna a member of staff who works in the cafe at the Gallery of Modern Art. I have titled the poem Uninvited Guests, I hope you enjoy the read.

Uninvited Guests

It had to happen
the very night i didn’t want to see them
out they came like guests i forgot to call
to tell them the party had been cancelled
due to circumstances beyond my control.

Like lost souls, they staggered out
one by one
till all three uninvited guests came knocking.
It was shocking
god knows, when i’ll see them together again.
i often see one and sometimes two
though it seems the other is busy
too busy to arrange a catch up

Maybe i need to move in different circles
make new friends at homes next to them.

Like eight, twelve, and twenty five
or six, ten, and twenty three,
but you know what will happen to me then
the minute they get ignored
seven, eleven, and twenty four,
will go to visit someone else’s door
have a party at their place
leaving me abandoned and neglected.

These friends were selected
because they meant something to me.
i can’t walk away from them now
it’s too big a risk to take
some would say it’s a mistake to stay
but i can hear them say
we’re cheap dates we only cost a pound
on Wednesday and Saturday nights
and we do try our best to arrive together

However, one of us always ends up making arrangements
so the only balls you’ll be seeing
are those of the chicken variety.
Every week it’s the same,
i play by the rules of the game,
but believe me I’ve discovered
i’m lumbered
with the hat trick from hell.
Seven, eleven, and twenty four
the hottest picks in the lottery
my unlucky numbers

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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