Fair Play

Hey everyone My poem for day 10 of NaPoWriMo tackles the topic of women’s football. This is something I feel needs to be promoted a lot more than is currently the case, and I back my case by stating that the best young footballer I know happens to be female and is happy to be a girl. I say this only because I know of the sexist attitudes she has already had to face due to her passion for the so-called beautiful game. Personally I find it insulting that whilst the men’s game gets between four to six pages on a daily basis and at weekends and on Monday’s their own pullout supplements in what I loosely term our national press, our women’s game ,despite being far more successful receives far less coverage and in some papers it barely merits a mention. As for the TV coverage this can at best be described as a joke and I believe it is an embarrassment which proves that when it comes to sport real gender equality is a long way from becoming reality. Thankfully The National is reporting women’s football on a regular basis and I would like to congratulate the real voice of Scotland for it’s coverage of a sport long neglected and encourage it to keep up the good work. With my rant finally completed I can tell you the title of the poem is Fair Play. I hope you enjoy the read.

Fair Play

It’s seldom seen on TV screens             

or covered by the press

though Glasgow City

 play with the style  to match the very best          

  every year they progress in the champions league.  

yet nobody talks of their skills 

our macho media still believe Football’s not for girls

Well pardon me but I think youll find   

Our women are hard to beat 

 there higher ranked than our nation’s men 

  and   Evans Little and Fleeting    

 should be household names to every Scot    

as part of our sporting story. 

our country should demand fair play

   for the team who get goals but no glory.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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