Window Shopping

Hey everyone It’s now day 9 of NapoWriMo and my latest poem tackles a concept all women will be familiar with namely the idea of going for a stroll round yet buying nothing or at best not very much but still enjoying the day. i have given the poem the title Window Shopping, I hope you enjoy the read.

On a quiet day, i take time
to enjoy a stroll round the shops
admire things i can’t afford to buy
promise myself i’ll try harder to save my pennies
treat myself later
this is what i like to call advanced planning
Thinking my wardrobe needs a spring clean
i look at the pastel colours of the coming season
though still I know for whatever reason
black will be my essential wardrobe staple
even the long days of summer won’t change that
I suppose i’ll dress it differently
maybe with lemon, lilac, or just a touch of peach
i wander round the perfume counter
hope to smell the scent of success
three times
different fragrances for work, the clubs, the beach.
then finally i scan the lipsticks
wanting to view the shades which will make
my lips fit for kissing
as the sun rises
or the calling of the stars
it has to be suitable to my style
a woman’s greatest weapon
is her smile
i have to make it work
fake tans and mini skirts
would not spell dignity or sophistication
instead they give not so subtle hints
of desperation
this is not my way nor will it ever be
I am happy in my own company
which is why as the clock strikes six
calls time on my wanderings
i am happy to have gone window shopping
as the time will come when i can buy
the items viewed on this sunny day
sometimes it pays to plan ahead

@Gayle Smith 2015


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