Self Portrait

Hey everyone. It’s day 8 of NaPoWriMo and this poem on the topic on the way we see ourselves is my poem for today. I have titled it Self Portrait. I hope you enjoy the read.

Self Portrait

With honestly I look
in the mirror of time
reflecting on choices
decisions I’ve made
not always correct
but mine to own nonetheless

I wonder if occasionally
diplomacy would have served me better
than the straight talking style
which has always been my way
some would say yes
though compromise has never been me

I like what I see both inside and out
though I’m not prepared to shout about it
or at least not too loudly
when I need to speak
I will do so proudly and with dignity

I have abilities, talents, skills,
call them what you will
I mean don’t we all
I am belle of my own ball
to which I alone issue invitations
you are welcome to accept
If you so desire

The fire of passion dwells within
I am if nothing else
a woman of strong opinions
take me or leave me
but at least take a stand
exercise your right to be heard

It is I think absurd that we judge
without looking first at ourselves
no amount of wealth can change
who we really are
designer clothes and fast cars
cannot mask our insecurities
no matter how hard we may try to believe they can

That is why we are all a blank canvass
to those we have yet to meet
the new neighbour
the stranger in the street
the man behind the counter
in the shop we’ve never went to
till this moment

That is why self portraits
are important
no-one knows us like we know ourselves
we are honest in our self critique
speaking in to the silences
of the ordinary
the moments which make us
who we are.

We should not carry the burden of perceptions
detail is the devil
what we miss out
are clues
we give away
as we encourage others
to look in the mirror of time
note the changes in their lives
as they read between the lines.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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