The Early Train

Hey everyone My poem for day 6 of NaPoWriMo recalls a very special day in late August 2011. This was the day when I broke with my festival tradition of staying on the mile till the very last minute and took the early train home to see a certain band in concert. The band was Yuptae. I don’t think I need to say anymore. I’ve titled the poem The Early Train and I dedicate it to all members of the band, but especially to Siobhan and Patricia McArdle. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Early Train.

It had been the perfect end
to a great three weeks
of poetry music and chat
at the Edinburgh festival fringe
but on that final Saturday
I broke with tradition
taking the early train home
I had to be back in Glasgow
by half past 7
to honour a promise
made to friends.
As I left the Banshee
to cuddles hugs and see you later’s
I walked briskly the down North Bridge
to the station
reached my destination
and arrived in plenty of time
to see the band.
As I entered the arches
Siobhan was first to greet me
with a smile at least 90 degrees warmer than the late summer sun which shone in the cool
of an evening made for music.
I knew I had made the right choice
there was really no other to make
when the band took the stage
Colette told us to she hoped
we were wearing our dancing shoes
I know I was, dancing shoes
and poetry skirts
are the perfect outfit for cultural multi-tasking.
After the set, I chatted to Colette and Liam
before catching up with Siobhan and Patricia
It was Siobhan who said I take it your just back from Edinburgh
how did it go?
I let her know that I finished my set and my year
with Happy Tears the poem I wrote for them
I knew there and then they would want to see it
I searched in my poetry bag
found it and let them read
while I gabbed again to Colette
then came that tear jerking moment,
the moment I won’t forget.
when Patricia asked if she could keep it.
I couldn’t say no, though I did offer to print a new version
clean and pristine white
not all dog eaten and coffee stained
but she said that was why she wanted it.
It was the poem I had read at the fringe
It all made sense
I couldn’t refuse.
As I headed to the ladies room
to re-apply my lippy
I felt just little bit giddy
knew I had made the right decision
to break with tradition
and take the early train

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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