Bairns Not Bombs

Hey everyone. Yesterday I attended the Bairns Not Bombs rally in George Square or as I prefer to call it Freedom Square and I think it is only fitting to make this the topic for day 5 of my NaPoWriMo challenge. I have titled the poem Bairns Not Bombs. I hope you enjoy the read.

Bairns Not Bombs

With dignity, pride and, purpose,
we marched for a safer Scotland.
A Scotland, where bairns not bombs will be our concern.
There will be no blood red tide,
no killers on the Clyde.
It’s time to rid the world
of weapons of mass destruction and deception.
Trident will be an issue at every election
until it is removed from these islands.
We do this, not just for our nation but from humanity
It is madness to believe weapons save lives
to do so is to deny reality.
Yesterday,the speeches told the story
of this insanity
Scotland’s First Minister said, there must be a better way to spend
£100 billion pounds
Believe me there plenty.
Let’s start with health, education,
the environment, third world debt
oh and before I forget
let’s add poverty and equality
as issues to be addressed.
Westminster be warned
we are coming to re-write your priorities
build a better democracy
as our leaving present
for the people of Britain.
Not for us the culture of greed
the ambition to be viewed
as something we’re not.
Yes, we are Scots, but we are also
global citizens
who will fight for a nuclear free nation
which will be an inspiration to the world.
A land where our bairns can learn about the bombs we once feared
in the museum of war at Faslane.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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