I May Be The Women To Tell The World Transwegians Are Just Like Other Girls

Hey everyone. I am about to make an announcement which may come as a shock to some people. So before I make this statement I would strongly advise those of you who are having a cup of tea or coffee to stop drinking or you may get stains on your working clothes

Now I think I may have you worried or at very least slightly puzzled. By my introduction to this post I am sure you must be wondering what I am about to say which could cause such a reaction, well you are about to find out You see I have decided that despite the fact I will be in my early mid fifties by the it comes around I am going to enter the Miss Transsexual Glasgow contest which is due to be held in Mid August and hopefully be selected to represent Scotland in Miss Transsexual UK later in the year.

No doubt of you who know me will be surprised, shocked or even stunned at this announcement. After all I am not a six foot leggy blonde or even a busty brunette with a figure to die for. I am more like a plain version of Kylie. Well we are same height and that I’m afraid is where our similarities end.

I have however decided to strike a blow for more mature woman. You see I believe that stereotypes are bad for society and all too often give the general public misconceptions of what they think they need to be to succeed in life. These stereotypes create attitudinal barriers which can be particularly harmful to young girls as they hit their teenage years as they tend to place far too much value on physical appearance. So with this in mind I have decided to enter as a statement of intent as I believe personality and personal charisma are far more important weapons in a woman’s armoury than the looking good in designer outfit or slapping the latest brand of make up.

As for the competition yes it will be tough but it holds no fears for me I am a confident assertive woman who is happier now than at any time in my life. This is another important reason in my decision to enter a contest which by simply giving transwomen the chance to strut our stuff will do wonders for our community and visibly raise our profile within society. Most significantly of all however it will send a very clear message to those who mock with their transphobic that we not real women. Believe me when I say I am woman and damn proud of it. Trans I may be but make no mistake I am female in the way not just in the way I dress but in my thoughts and actions. It is no coincidence that of all the yes badges I wore with pride during the independence referendum campaign the one I am most proud of is Women for Independence. It is also true to say that of all the blog posts I wrote my most powerful and passionate was my guest post for weegingerdug which I published on tartantights the following day on why I as transwoman I would be voting yes to Scotland’s independence.
Having carefully read the rules of the competition I know I will need three outfits for the big occasion. These include causal wear for my when I’m being interviewed and asked my three random questions, a clubbing look which I would wear a night out and yes despite being fifty something I do go clubbing sometimes, and an outfit for that special gala occasion I when I strut my stuff on the red carpet.

My decision to enter the competition has not been taken lightly but after much thought and consideration. I want the world to know I am very proud of my trans identity and this seems like the perfect way to express that pride.

Believe me when I say that transwomen and indeed trans people more generally are here to stay. We will not be washed away nor will we be wished away no matter how badly some people may want that to happen. The trans community are not and will never be second class citizens.

Speaking personally my own story is a journey to acceptance. This is true from my local community where I regularly attend my local church and am active member of my local branch of the Scottish National Party, to the spoken word circuit in which I am known as a respected performer and compare and the traditional music scene of which I am an enthusiastic and faithful supporter.

It is for these reasons and so many more that I believe I would be an excellent ambassador for the West of Scotland and wider Scottish trans community and why I have decided to put myself forward as a candidate for Miss Transgender Glasgow. Can I win it? Well that depends on what the organisers are looking for in their winner. If they are looking for a glamour girl to represent our city then I fear I may not meet the requirements. If, on the other hand, they want someone who is a wee bit more representative of the character of Glasgow then I may be just the girl they want. Either way it should be a lot of fun, but make no mistake, I’m in it to win it. Well why shouldn’t a more mature woman walk the red carpet? I can’t think of a reason can you? No I didn’t think so.
Anyway wish me luck. You never know if enough of you get wishing I might just pull off a shock result and in doing so consign a few stereotypes in to history books. It is time to recognise that transwoman come in all shapes and sizes and if you’ll forgive me for inventing a new word I were to win Miss Transgender Glasgow I may just be the woman to prove transwegians( that’s a combination of transsexuals and Glaswegians are just like other girls.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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