Bridge Of Broken Arcs

Hey everyone This poem is on the topic of time and why you must use it wisely or end up paying the price of your self respect by trading in treasures
for second hand illusions. I have used this analogy in the title of poem which I have titled Bridge Of Broken Arcs to reminded that time will lead us to the place where dreams are broken if we don’t follow our heart and believe and let our tomorrows take us where they will. I hope find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read.

The Bridge Of Broken Arcs.

The clock of is the burglar of time
the more we watch it
the less we have to achieve dreams
fulfil ambitions
make the decisions
we need to live the best life we can
time passes quickly
if we don’t make plans
to keep busy
It is the thief of years
as soon as we leave our teens
It becomes a currency
not something we can enjoy at leisure
giving voice to our fears
I have discovered the clock almost stopped for me
before I reached a year
but my dad’s determination
made it re-start
a man with a big heart
he engineered words which made me fight on
now I know that honest John
told the surgeon I would live
It dawned on me what is meant
when I am told tomorrow may not be my gift
we live in moments
we must guard memories like diamonds
which speak to our silence
treasures forever frozen
cannot be stolen
nor traded for empty pots
at the bridge of broken arcs

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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