Promises From Narnia

Hey everyone This morning I received an election communication on behalf of a fictional organisation calling itself the Scottish Labour Party. Since a judge declared this week that no such organisation exists I take it that my leaflet was actually sent by the Loyal British Labour And Unionist Party. As has become their pattern recently it was sent wrapped inside another leaflet but it still contained all the usual promises I know they will never deliver and that is why I have called this poem Promises From Narnia. Well it comes from an organisation which doesn’t exist and makes promises they’ll never keep so I thought it was a very fitting title. I hope you enjoy the read.

Promises From Narnia

This morning I received a leaflet
it said the authors could make me
the richest woman in the world
I would be a happy girl
If I placed my trust in them
help a man called Ed
move house to number 10
It promised me a higher standard of living
in this mythical land called Britain there were so many things
they would do
if only I’d stand for the red white and blue
like save the NHS
which they had claimed was already safe
They would get rid of zero hours contracts
Increase the minimum wage
now I don’t why but I won’t fall for their lies
I’ve heard them all too often
I am voting for Scotland
like the independent woman I am it’s time to get rid of the Westminster sham
expose the fact that the Loyal British Labour and Unionist Party are Scotland’s biggest danger
the patron saints of personal gain
will never care for our people our land
but they fail to understand
Scotland has arisen
now we have ambitions of our own
we have stopped listening to their voice
we have our choice
we no longer believe
promises from narnia

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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