It Takes Much More Than Super Glue To Defeat A Nation’s Dream

Hey everyone. On Tuesday evening I attended a busy and productive meeting of Shettleston SNP. During that meeting I was stunned to learn to learn from our candidate Natalie McGarry that our campaign rooms had been attacked and the locks glued in an act of vicious, vindictive, vandalism. This meant that in what is now a very busy time none of our activists could gain access to the hub. The incident has been reported to the police and enquiries are ongoing.

Thankfully the locks have now been fixed though this has cost £100.00 which could have been saved or spent in other more productive ways. However despite this setback Natalie has warned the perpetrators they will stop or derail her campaign in any way.

As for who carried out the attack which has been condemned by Natalie’s main contender for the seat, local Labour MP Margaret Curran I do not know the allegiance of those who carried it out and I won’t point the finger in any particular direction except perhaps to say that I don’t believe this attack came from the mainstream. I say this because despite as passionate, fierce, and sometimes bitter rivalries as there are between our parties I genuinely believe we have too much respect for each other to commit such an act of wanton destruction. I therefore suspect that the attack was carried out by those on the fringes of democracy by those with what I would call disturbingly authoritarian tendencies. If I were a sociologist I would perhaps say that they represent the voice of the British unionist underclass.

I will admit, I have absolutely no time for these people but I do have a message and that message is a simple one. If you think you can stop our democratic campaign to gain independence for the people of Scotland at the earliest opportunity by attempting to disrupt our campaign then you are even more deluded than I thought you were and believe me considering how stupid I have always perceived you to be that is one of hell of an achievement.

You see you underestimate the determination of our campaign team and indeed our supporters who increasing by the day as people even those who voted no in September are realising that our argument for change even in a Scotland within the UK is a powerful one and that we can unlike the Westminster parties
be trusted to fight for Scotland’s interests.

By taking this reckless and dare I say it infantile action those who did so are playing right in to our hands. Indeed it is fair to say they are a gift that keeps on giving and this attack has given us whom they perceive to be their enemies the ammunition to not only to attack unionist political beliefs but also to lambast its more extreme supporters as morons. Believe me this is an opportunity we will not miss.

I would also like to say that they have also let down all those nice little unionists who spent so much time and effort in to branding any yes voter with an opinion and the intelligence to express that opinion as cyber nats completely ignoring the fact that the most bitter and vicious insults were coming from their side. I would like to say it but alas I can’t you because when the monster you have created is so huge it has at least ten heads pointing in every direction they cannot complain when one of those heads breaks off causes mayhem and upsets the more respectable heads at the centre.
This desperate act of destruction is playing and will continue to right in to the hands of the SNP not only in Glasgow East but all across the country as I will heighten voter awareness of the dirty tricks that some of the more vindictive unionists are willing to use to protect their interests. The people who committed this act may well have felt pleased with themselves in the wee small hours of Tuesday morning but by satisfying their own egos they may very well have helped those they call their enemy beyond our wildest dreams. If we look at the facts we can see this only too clearly. For the following reasons
(1) They have given us free publicity in the press and TV. Even the Labour supporting Daily Record covered the story and were it has to be said very sympathetic to our candidate.

(2) By doing this and attracting publicity they have highlighted the location of the rooms making it easier for people to find us

(3) It has raised the profile of someone whom I believe is a brilliant candidate and who will if elected be a fantastic MP for a constituency which badly needs a top quality fighter and campaigner to represent us at Westminster.

These three facts can only be of benefit to our campaign and be to detriment and embarrassment of all decent unionists. So my parting shot to those who carried out this attack is to remind them that when the voters of Glasgow East hear of this attack many who are not that interested in politics by which I mean those floating voters will wonder what we have in our rooms that you were so desperate to stop from reaching them. Could it be that you already know your precious union is dying and you want to destroy Scotland before we go. I’m just asking what seems to me to be a very fair question.
Whatever it is your afraid of you are afraid of something. Those who are confident of victory do not resort to dirty tricks and neither our candidate nor our country will be beaten by bully boy behaviour.

Yes I realise you are not the sharpest tools in the box and no doubt you will be happy with your five minutes of fame. I suggest that your actions have only made our campaign stronger and you may not quite be so pleased should the returning officer declare Natalie McGarry to be elected for Glasgow East in wee small hours of May 8th. You see we in the SNP are a determined but democratic political family united by the vision we share. This is a vision of a better, fairer, more equal Scotland, a scotland with room for all. Now as we fight for that vision I think you will find it takes much more than super glue to defeat a nation’s dream and what must frighten you to the very core of your being is you have neither the numbers nor the intellect to stop us.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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