Dance With Disaster

Hey everyone. This poem is my response to the rampant Scotophobia which has appeared both in the press and TV since Scotland decided it would not go meekly back in to its box after the Referendum. We have emerged a better more confident country since our engagement with the democratic process and this is has unnerved our colonial masters at Westminster who along with their friends in what passes for a free press and media have indulged in a campaign of spiteful and vindictive belittling and abuse of our people and our nation.

Though it was written with coming Westminster and next year’s Scottish Elections very much in mind I believe this poem will remain relevant at every election until Independence is finally secured. As Alex Salmond said ‘The dream shall never die’, and my dream is of a better, fairer Scotland than the outdated British state can ever deliver.
I’ve titled it Dance With Disaster as I believe that is exactly what we do every time we leave Scotland’s fate in Westminster’s hands. I hope you enjoy the read.

Dance With Disaster

We’ve claimed every victory
that you’ve ever won
branded as British
your daughters and sons
looked down our noses
at your little nation
driven your people
to the brink of starvation

We’ve sold all your industries
right down the Thames
so we’re better together
with rich powerful friends
united we stand
divided we fail
our MP’s and Bankers
would be rotting in jail.

we’ve given you foodbanks
we’ve given you poverty
but we don’t want you meddling
In British democracy
we’ll tell you who rules you
it’s better that way
we’ll completely ignore you
whatever you say

we will still have our trident
It’s Great Britain’s pride
we will park it forever
on the banks of the Clyde
we can do what we like
to your tourist attractions
and we’ll make sure we all get
a slice of the action

So listen up Scotland
we gave you a vote
to have your own country
but you stuck with our lot
yet now you declare
in your hills and glens
you’ll decide who will rule us
what we’re doing and when

I don’t bloody think so
now get back in your box
how dare you talk back
your just subsidised jocks
what do you mean
you Scots have a voice
you lost it last year
British Labour’s your choice

If you vote SNP
we’ll be very annoyed
yes we’ve taken your oil
left you all unemployed
what’s that you say
you are no longer sleeping?
you can leave when we tell you
this is Westminster speaking

This is the poison
we are fed every hour
by a British elite
who are drunk on their power
and their wee Scottish servants
bend their knees to their masters It’s time to refuse them
A dance with disaster

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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