Getting Lippy

Hey everyone This poem sets out rules and boundaries as to what I think is personally appropriate when it comes to sexual politics. I’ve titled the poem Getting Lippy I hope you find it an enjoyable and thought provoking read

Getting Lippy

On nights out the colour of my lips
can change from baby pink
to cherry red
maybe to match my dress
or perhaps my mood
my intentions can move
from good to dishonourable
in less time than it takes
to flutter my lashes
so beware flattery
may only get you so far
up the garden path
before you find you’ve been
left outside the door
as I will decide does and does not
gain access to my home
my most private of spaces
yes I know you may think
I’m being flirtatious
but when I set rules and boundaries
you will know what lines
cannot be crossed
I may have left my lipstick
on your nice clean shirt
but be warned my short skirt
is not a licence for you
to indulge your pleasure
treasures are too valuable
to put on display
it is not the way of a woman
I have my dignity
you will not take liberties
and If you dare to try
believe me I will get lippy
just not in the way that you wanted

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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