I Know A Taste For Luxury Is A Very Modern Muse.

Hey everyone Today (Saturday) I had one of the nicest relaxing days I’ve had in a while. I woke up with no particular plans to go anywhere but then I remembered that this was the third Saturday and that was the traditional date for my transwoman’s group.

Due to circumstances beyond my control I haven’t managed to attend a Saturday afternoon session for over a year despite wanting to do so. With this in mind I thought that today would be the perfect day to bring that barren run to an end so I decided to hit the city centre for an afternoon catch up.

On arriving at the group it was great to catch with both Brenda and Linda whom I have known for many years and meet Liz a new member of the group and a recent addition to our number. On chatting with Brenda I said I had given up the opportunity of canvassing for my local SNP candidate for the coming election to attend this meeting and Brenda jokingly replied that she hoped my candidate wasn’t amongst those who were abusive to Ruth Davidson. I assured that Natalie McGarry our future MP for Glasgow East had far too much class to behave in such in an uncivilised manner, and that as a transwoman I deplore the behaviour of anyone who behaves in this way as those kind of attitudes have no place in politics.

On hearing this Liz who said she was a Conservative though she comes from a traditional Labour background totally agreed with me thought she said has yet to meet her new party leader. I assured her that Ruth is a very pleasant woman though I have more in common with Nicola Sturgeon. This should come as no surprise to anyone as Nicola whom Liz described as too left wing is my party leader and I must admit I love the fact that a Tory finds her more left wing than the Labour Party. Yes I think I can live with that.

As for more trans related issues I told everyone that my changes are beginning to be noticed by friends and social contacts especially those who are seeing me for the first time in a while. I also informed the group that my blog has become more trans related in post referendum Scotland and that in recent months I have written many new trans related poems some of which I performed in Edinburgh an event for LGBTI history month last month. So things as they say are definitely moving with regards to cultural matters.

Staying on cultural matters Brenda informed me that she had dinner with the well known transwoman and playwright Jo Clifford on Monday evening at the James Morton after the Scottish Transgender Ailliance had finished interviewing for the post of trans development worker. At the time of writing I have no clue who if anyone has been appointed to the post but whoever eventually gets the job will be joining The Scottish Transgender Ailliance at what is potentially the most exciting time in its history.

At the end of the group Linda give me a lift in to the city centre where I ended up to doing some much needed window shopping. Well I like to plan ahead and is any former trainer will tell you planning involves preparation and this afternoon seemed like the perfect time to do some preparation.

I started by going for a sneaky look at Dorothy Perkins which has always been one of my favourite shops. Whilst browsing through the bargain rail I saw a gorgeous red top at an even more gorgeous price but as is always the case in these situations this top was available in every size but mine.

Next stop was The Body Shop. This has always been one of my favourite places for my traditional girlie products such as body lotions and body butters and the coconut shower gel is to die for. I also love the make up which comes in the classiest and sassiest colours which are always on trend.

Come to think of it, I used to have a body shop store card and I think it must still be lying in one of my purses. Anyway, that was one of the reasons for going in to the store as I wanted to find out how much it would cost to renew it. This turned out to be much cheaper than I thought and I am relieved that it will only cost five pounds to get me back in to the body shop fold.

Whilst I was in the store I found some real bargains as there is a sale on the moment and some are so tempting that they could give a girl a real taste for luxury. With ranges in blueberry, chocolate, peach, and strawberry they could leave us feeling just a bit fruity.

My next stop was the Perfume Shop where I investigated what might be considered age appropriate perfume for a young at heart fifty something. The staff member couldn’t have been more helpful if she’d tried and recommended a few potential selections including Red Door By Elizabeth Arden, Beautiful by Estee Lauder and my favourite choice of her selection which was Modern Muse also by Estee Lauder. Not only did I like the fragrance, also I loved the name of this brand as this is a really good name for a perfume if like me you happen to be a poet.

After checking out the perfume I thought I would check out Miss Diva as I really need a good pair of black shoes as a matter of urgency. At first I couldn’t find anything which didn’t have at least six inch heels but eventually a member of staff showed me where the flats were kept and they have some really classy flat shoes which are both feminine and stylish. There is also the unexpected bonus that they were well within my price range.

At this stage I left the St Enoch and went in to Ann Summers for a quick browse round the hosiery section as I wanted advice on hold ups. I say this because some people tell me I should be wearing a size larger than I do in tights as this will help them stay up but the sales assistant I spoke to said this wasn’t true and I was best to stick to small. I then about other things of a more adventurous nature before leaving the shop and making my way home at the end of a day when I discovered that a taste for luxury can be a very modern muse.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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