Failure To Tackle The Cinderella Subject Could Open Up A Pandora’s Box Of Problems

Hey everyone So many times on the past few years I have had to deal with problems not of my making. I have had to endure nights of rants, screams, and nightmares. Yet all the while I was powerless to help someone in desperate need of proper assistance and I feared for the future of my flatmate and friend.

The ghosts of depression and other mental health related issues haunt the hearts and lives not only of those with the condition but also their families, friends, and neighbours as they try to cope with the challenges such conditions bring. This however is not made any easier by the fact that the cinderella subject of health is often dismissed and the people with these illnesses are often ignored or worse told to get over themselves.

This is the not way to treat another human being. To be disrespected and devalued in such a callous,and cold hearted way shows the mark of a vicious and uncaring society. This is why Mental Health will be one of my key priorities in the forthcoming General Election and next year’s Scottish Election.

Believe me I am very serious about this issue. Let me also state loudly and clearly that mental health cannot and must not be used as a football for party political gain. People’s lives are far too valuable for that and that is what we’re talking about here. Resources for this hidden impairment are nowhere near what they should be and yet her majesty’s government will miraculously find ways of subsiding bombs which have the capacity to blow cities maybe even entire countries off the face of the earth.

This to me is very annoying especially when we can it seems find enough money to pay for weapons of mass destruction because it makes inadequate men feel important. We can also it seems afford to subsidise a very rich family and pay retired politicians £70 per day for the privilege of dressing in ermine robes and calling themselves lord or lady. This to me is a national obscenity especially when we neglect to provide support for those in genuine need of assistance.

Too many times we have ignored mental health issues such as depression and it’s more aggressive form bi-polar disorder which blight the lives of far too many people in both Scotland and the UK. This wilful neglect is abandonment of the duty of care we have to each other both as national and local level. Indeed one only needs to look to the threatened funding cuts to Glasgow Association For Mental Health by the city’s Labour council to see the most obscene example of this neglect and the problem it could store up for people with mental health issue in the city.

Now before any Labour Party whingers start to greet about lack of funding from the SNP government I think I need to remind them to shut up. You see I will take no lecture from a party whose so-called leadership begged the people of Scotland to retain our pocket money parliament rather than swap it for a real one. This is despite the fact that many of their supporters and more members than will dare to admit wanted them to do exactly that.

There is also the small matter of Labour wasting money on vanity projects which could have been better spent elsewhere. I cite for example the long drawn out consultation on which of six plans could be used to renovate George Square except that none of them were actually used and by some miracle George Square is back to square one. This I have to say came as a surprise to precisely nobody

There were if truth be known even greater wastes of public money such as the campaign to remove the traffic cone from the Duke of Wellington’s statue which ultimately ended in disaster and the more recent attempt to remove the iconic steps from the Royal Concert Hall. All of these public campaigns ended in failure and failure at the public expense. I don’t know what it is about the Labour Party and ego trips they just can’t seem to resist them. However I have said that this is not a party political issue and if the SNP don’t address the issue to my satisfaction I will have no hesitation pulling them up and bringing them to book but I will do it at the appropriate time and in the proper place in the privacy of a party meeting.

Living with someone with Mental Health Issues has definitely altered my view on these conditions. I qualify this comment by saying though I was never purposefully rude about anyone I did shall we say have a genuine lack of awareness about the devastating impact that such conditions can have, not only on the person who has it but on those who have to support them.

This is why this issue is so important to me and why the cinderella subject of all health related issues must be given centre stage and receive the proper funding it needs to improve the emotional well being of our country.

This is a topic which cannot be ignored, and failure to tackle our nation’s mental health could be storing up a pandora’s box of problems for the future. The consequences of this lack of action could be potentially disastrous if they are not dealt with speedily and appropriately.
It is I believe the duty of both the Scottish and Westminster Governments to take steps to ensure this action is taken at the earliest possible date and by doing so, demonstrate there is the political will to address a subject neglected for far too long.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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