Better Than Becks

Hey everyone This is a poem from my back catalogue which was written when David Beckham was at the height of his powers back in the early years of this millenium. It seemed you couldn’t open a newspaper without some aspect of the guy’s life being mulled over by those who thought they had the right to invade his privacy at every available chance and this is the same for every footballers wife. So bearing this in mind I decided to flip the roles and write a poem from the perspective of a friend famous diva who is dating a lower league football player after giving up on the big name stars. I’ve called it Better Than Becks and I hope you enjoy the read.

Better Than Becks

You know Melissa’s up the duff
pregnant too her bit of rough
she has too wealth,
and style and flair
for her third division football player
I mean she’s loaded
earning buckets
he’s a free transfer
got told he should chuck it
but now he wears Versace suits
and gold designer football boots

I haven’t been to see him play
but he scored an own goal
on Match of the Day
lost to United 14-0
grafted like hell
but he didn’t have the skill
though he knew
that Melissa was worth a few bob
she’s just off the phone
said he’s got a new job
so I said tell the goss
is he really a brickie
then she giggled and told me
I’ve bought him a chippie

I said you are joking
she giggled again
she claimed she was fed up
with rich gorgeous men
oh well I declared
you should send them my way
I would she replied
but their taken or gay
and that’s what I like about Jason
he’s real
there’s no flashy cars
no megabucks deal
he’s just such a cutie
and as for the sex
well he scores every time
and he’s better than Becks.

@ Gayle Smith 2004


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