The Mysterious Problem Of Disappering Voters And The Myth Of British Fair Play

Hey everyone It seems that less than two months before a UK general election in which the SNP, if polls are to be believed could have a potentially significant role in changing the face of the United Kingdom, Scotland has suddenly developed a mysterious problem with democracy.

This to this blogger is a very serious concern and I fear that our colonial masters at Westminster could be tampering with our right to democratic freedom. It is it I think fair to say that I will not be alone in having my concerns on this issue. Indeed former SNP MP for Govan and one time party leader Jim Sillars called this situation a democratic emergency and I have to say I agree wholeheartedly with his assessment of only what can only be described as a shambles made in Britain. I however would go much further than the man who first inspired me to get involved in politics. Indeed I would go as far as to say that this a crude and botched up attempt to stop Scotland from progressing any further on our democratic journey to nationhood. An attempt which I will say now can only end in tears for the perpetrators.

The truth is I have never not even for a second believed in the myth of British fair play and believe those who do are shall we say a bit on the gullible side. You see it is my considered opinion that this 18th century which was formed in mud, blood, and bigotry and a tide of Anti-Catholic hatred is no longer relevant in the 21st century world and boy do our colonial masters know it but they will do anything to hang on to the trappings of wealth and their subsequent illusions of power.
I know many yes voters believe the Westminster unionists have form on this issue particularly with regards to the Scottish Independence Referendum.

This suspicion was dramatically increased when Ruth Davidson the Conservatives leader in Scotland admitted that ballot boxes from the postal votes had been taken to England for sampling before most of us had even cast our vote. The cases of missing ballot papers in Glasgow and Inverclyde and the three fire alarms in Dundee, further added to the suspicions of some yes voters that unionists had been up to their necks in dirty tricks to prevent a yes vote by whatever means necessary and having got away with it once wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. This is especially true when you consider the advances that the SNP have made not only in the polls but at council by-elections and most importantly of all in terms of membership.

This is a membership who unlike those in the unionist parties actually believe in the message we are selling and the country we are proud to call home. Contrast this to and fears, smears, spin, and if I’m being kind half truths we see in the press from the dammed( Danny Alexander and the Liberal Democrats) the doomed (Ruth Davidson’s Tories) and the deranged (Jim Murphy’s fanatically toxic Tories also known as the Loyal British Labour And Unionist Party). Perhaps it is this positivity which is scaring our opponents to use hatred and hysteria as their every day style of communication and poisoning the political lexicon of a supposedly united country as they do so.

I have to say, though I have resisted the temptation to go down the road of the tampering with evidence theory so far, I have began to worry in recent days especially since the topic became the front page headline in Wednesday’s edition of the National. The paper highlighted the cases of SNP Social Justice Minister and MSP for Airdrie And Shotts Alex Neil and fellow SNP MSP Rob Gibson who were both told they were not on the electoral register and given seven days to provide documents as proof of their existence. The fact that both men are well known political figures who had lived at their respective addresses mattered not to the faceless bureaucrats or as I call them jumped up Jimmy’s who were obviously on an oversized ego trip. However my concern is not for Mr Neil or Mr Gibson whom I am sure will sort this matter out to their satisfaction, my worry is for the ordinary voters who may miss their chance to use what could be the most important vote they have ever or will ever cast at a Westminster election, as this time it might actually matter.

So why are voters disappearing from the voters roll faster than socialists from the Labour Party? Well one of the key reasons is the fact that the day after the referendum the powers that be decided in their infinite wisdom to change the way we register to vote. This change is both dangerous and unnecessary. It was my dad who taught me the meaning of if ain’t broke don’t fix it long before I had ever the expression. There was no need to change the way people registered to vote, the traditional method of one person per household was working just fine but no the unionists had to change it just for the sake of change and throw the electoral system in to chaos by doing it.

Personally I have no doubt as to why they implemented this change with indecent haste, and that is because Scotland had so many people registering to vote in the referendum that it frightened the life of project fear and their ilk. Well let us for a moment think the unthinkable and by that I mean encouraged by the level of democratic participation in Scotland there are similar take up levels in England and Wales. This could have all sorts of consequences for both the United Kingdom and the greater British Isles. One of these consequences could be that the UK could actually break up by consent. This could happen if say the Greens won a majority in England with similar results for the SNP in Scotland Plaid Cmyru in Wales. Some would say this is far fetched at this particular election, but if more people and especially younger voters engage with the democratic process it certainly isn’t far fetched to say it could be a possibility or even probability in the medium to longer term. God knows the so-called big three have done nothing to inspire them of late. Talking of the so-called big three Westminster parties I would say that all of them may have to reinvent themselves to become more appealing to the voters. With this in mind we could if miracles really do happen, even see the Labour Party return to its socialist roots. Well a girl can dream, at least I can at the moment. I don’t think the Tories have privatised our secret thoughts, well not yet anyway. Though I have to caution myself against giving them any ideas. On a less encouraging note we could however see the growth of the far right parties such as UKIP, and Britain First. This has certainly been the case with the French Front National or the equally poisonous Golden Dawn who offer anything but a golden dawn to the people of Greece. That however is the risk one has to take with the universal franchise. For better or worse we have to trust the voters and the British political classes don’t trust us one inch.

It is my belief that having lulled the UK in to a state of perpetual dullness since the end of Thatcher era, the chattering classes of all UK parties have regarded politics as a primarily middle class or wannabe middle class preserve in to which the working classes have little or no input. That is with the exception of election time when they are obediently compelled to vote Labour then shut up and do as they are told for the next four or five years until the next election is called when once they will be expected to do their duty. In the intervening period while they are busy doing nothing or watching Eastenders, (to me at least the first option would be considerably less boring) the party they were told would represent them till the end of time would sooner be seen ordering a prawn cocktail when dining out with their Tory friends than be seen queuing for a pie supper with the locals in the area they are supposed to represent. Maybe that is the reason you hear people say, oh I don’t do politics, or they are all the same, or it doesn’t matter who you vote for nothing’s going to change. That has been the attitude I have faced all my political life, or at least it was until the referendum because that was a game changer and it changed our country a lot more ways than some of the less talented and intellectually able unionists could ever have imagined. Scotland had discovered we had a voice and you know what we rather liked using it. So despite unionists telling us that we had been defeated which we had in the purely arithmetical terms of the number crunching, Scotland had gained a new confidence we had never had before. We knew that despite that defeat the mood of the nation had altered dramatically and we weren’t going to be told to shut up and go back to our room. This was the 21st century and if the British establishment needed reminding that Downtown Abbey was just a TV programme and not a rule book on how to govern a country then we would bloody well remind them. This was a different Scotland from that which entered the referendum campaign in the early summer of 2012 we will be both seen and heard whether the unionists liked it or not and believe me they don’t like it one little bit.

You see to the unionist politics has always been about exclusion rather than inclusion in this so-called United Kingdom. It was once said that it was just a boy’s game with no room for the girls and traces of that old school misogyny still exist. The mocking up of Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in a skimpy tartan outfit in a certain so-called newspaper demonstrates this all too clearly. Too many of the old school tie brigade still think a women’s place is tied to the kitchen sink and we shouldn’t involve ourselves in serious political discussion. To them it’s bad enough having to tolerate women in unionist parties but god forbid we have a strong woman standing up for her country and leading not a political party but a mass movement which has grown to four times it’s size in the six months since the referendum.

It is this very fact that scares our colonial masters out of their collective minds. In fact it not only scares them it absolutely terrifies them. Believe me the forces of darkness which have always surrounded Westminster are in full blown panic mode at the prospect of SNP gains at this election. This is why the issue of voter registration has become so important. The fact that in the minds of many yes voters we were cheated rather than defeated has led to suspicions our number that the British Government and their allies may be attempting to railroad this new style of registration through in the hope that no-one will pay attention and many will subsequently be left disenfranchised when it comes to polling day thus giving the unionists a much better election than the current polls are suggesting. Would they attempt such naked corruption of the democratic process? of course they would they are after Westminster’s voice in Scotland they are not and will never be Scotland’s voice in Westminster. Our people have woke up to that fact and this causing the poor wee souls to have all kinds of nightmares.

You see it strikes me that our colonial masters know their little game is almost over about and they are about to be rumbled big time. The thought of a team of talented Scots being elected to provide a stronger voice for Scotland is for them at least a truly horrifying prospect. To me the prospect of a horrified and demented Westminster where Scotland is finally heard after being ignored for the last 300 years will bring the day where like or it not the British establishment will have no choice but too implement far more significant changes than were ever promised by either the Vow or the Smith Commission or wake up to losing the cash cow which is how they have always viewed Scotland, for good and all. This does not please a vicious vacuous elite who use this country as a playground nor does sit well with their grovelling sycophantic supporters who will do anything and I mean including selling their granny for 30 pieces of silver so that they can call themselves lord or lady. These poor deluded wrecks really are so far up their own backsides we would need to send out a search for them if they were actually worth finding.

Make no mistake this toxic union is dying a painfully slow death and despite the fact that Jim Murphy may not credit us with the intelligence to run our own country we know he says he secretly means I. Believe me whilst Murphy may appear smug I have always suspected he has a deep seated inferiority complex because he certainly has a lot to feel inferior about. It is true that we share one similarity in the fact that we both attended a well respected Scottish University but only one of graduated and it wasn’t him.

Like the rest of his boot licking backside kissing unionist friends Murphy has a lot to lose on Scotland gaining our independence and he and his colleagues cannot afford that to happen. God forbid they no longer have a place on the gravy train, I mean whose going to pay for the children’s school fees or we don’t do it for them? The unionists and their friends are totally dependent on our compliance to protect their interests this time however they may find that Scottish voters who want the best deal for Scotland, including many of those who may have voted no last September may not be so willing to be quite so compliant. This therefore leads me to suspect that the mysterious problem of the disappearing voters may not be as accidental as the forces of darkness would like us to believe and the myth of British Fair Play may well be about to be shattered or should I say smashed in a million Brits.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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