An Equal Place

Hey everyone. This is a poetic post with twin purposes. The first is to reflect on a brilliant event on International Women’s Day when the 95th company Glasgow Girls Brigade served up a lovely lunch for the congregation at Baillieston St Andrew’s Church and reminded us all of the important role food can play in regards to fellowship and faith. The second is to remind us that though women have made significant progress on the road to a more equal world, there is much still to be done. I’ve titled the poem An Equal Place. I hope you enjoy the read.

An Equal Place

On international women’s day
our girls made it happen
providing lunch for the congregation
after morning worship
living up to their motto
to seek serve and follow Jesus
with sandwiches sausage rolls and cakes
the 95th company of the Glasgow girls brigade
put on a table fit for a feast
and one member had the coolest nails
I had seen for a while
this was time to smile
but also to give thanks
in many lands girls don’t have the chance
to enjoy the lives we do
after church and the comfort of the pews
I thought of them
gave thanks for Jenny Marra
her human trafficking bill
now passed in to law
this will help someone’s daughter,sister, friend
not be used as a means to an end
exploited just because they are girls
thankfully our brigaders live
in a world far removed from that
with the problems it creates
though we still have frustrations to face
glass ceilings of our own to shatter
like the equal pay we still don’t get
nearly five decades after the first Equal Pay Act
for doing the same job as men sexist attitudes in the press and TV
are all too clear to see
with too many women judged on appearance
comments made about their dress sense
you never hear about men
let’s send friends of yesterday’s country
homeward to think again
we need to remind the world
not every girl can be Kylie, Madonna, Beyonce, or J-Lo
these stereotypical images have to go
as does the attitude
that girls lives will be dominated
by kisses, kids, and kitchens
someone needs to say
In Scotland and in Britain
girls have ambitions
this kind of role is no longer acceptable
things are changing slowly
but the babe who born in the manger low
who 33 years later was nailed to the cross
to die for the sins of humanity
and rose again to conquer death and hell
knows the power of girls
and the importance of fellowship food and faith
in making sure we all have
a place at the table
as equals

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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