A Lingerie Orphan Has Found A New Home Filled With Feel Good Fashion

Hey everyone As regular readers will know, Thursday is my busiest day of the week. Traditionally, this is a day which is all about writing, this week however, things were shall I say ever so slightly different. Yes there was writing but there was also drama and unexpected journeys mainly due to the fact I had no credit on my phone but thanks to what turned out to be a completely unnecessary flap over my flatmate’s health I took a diversion to an avenue and I am now a VIP.

It was at the end of my session at Tollcross when i noticed i had a missed call from my friend and flatmate Janette. Normally this would not have been an issue but as I said earlier I had no money on my phone and having an over active imagination i began to convince myself something must be wrong and since i wasn’t able to contact despite the best efforts of the ever friendly staff at the Gallery of Modern Art where I attend an early evening writers group I headed back to Baillieston to check things out for myself.

When I got home a somewhat tired and startled Janette asked me what I was I doing home so early. I replied that since she had phoned me and I couldn’t return her call I had genuine concerns about her safety. When she told me she had called only to find out if was buying bread I was somewhat less than chuffed and after a quick coffee headed out to enjoy the rest of my night

As I had just missed my bus I knew I was going to late in getting to GoMA so I decided that I would go across to Edinburgh Road and get the 900 bus in to the city centre on the grounds that the buses are far more frequent and it is usually the quickest way to get to my destination. Well it is under normal circumstances. This was however not a normal Thursday and since my day had been split in two I thought what the hell, a few extra minutes won’t make much difference. Bearing in mind I thought I would take a wee wander round the Buchanan Galleries Now anyone who knows me well, will realise that this could have fatal but delightful consequences and yet again this proved to be the case as i ended up taking a look round designer lingerie boutique Boux Avenue. Yes I know what you’re thinking that this could have waited for another night and maybe just maybe your right but having been a lingerie orphan since Le Senza closed its doors in early September I thought the time was right to rectify this situation So having passed this store many times I thought I’d go in and take a look.

On entering the boutique i was greeted by a warm friendly staff member who really knows her product and has excellent customer service skills. As I was to find out during the course of my visit these are characteristics which she shares with the rest of her co-workers in a team which is focused, driven, and believe in the product they sell. This approach always goes down well with me as i think that if you don’t enjoy what your doing them really to ask yourself why you are actually doing it. On chatting to the girl concerned i explained I was a lingerie orphan and wanted to find out more about the company. On hearing this, she couldn’t wait to fill me in on the variety of products and the appropriate price ranges. After chatting about my initial needs it wasn’t before she worked out that the price of a set for me would be around £28.00. for every day wear and around £50.00 for that special set to give me the feel good factor for formal or whisper it, romantic occasions.

I was told that i would pay upwards of £18.00 for bras and possibly around £5 to 10.00 for my knickers depending on my choice of style. once she had told me this she then remembered that the cheapest
t-shirt bra was actually priced at £14.00 but hey, I was flattered not to look like in would be in that income bracket even though at the moment I probably am. Overall I would say that the price is on a par with Le Senza though I have been assured I am moving up a league in value and in quality.

As I said to my adviser every woman needs a place she can go for her lingerie and though I will admit to liking Ann Summers I think I would be more likely to be more likely to be visit them for their hosiery or other things. I also said that though my younger friends to tend see me as a bit of a mother or auntie like figure I still I can be the 4’s respectable, romantic, rebellious, and risky and that meant that I wasn’t i wasn’t ready to be a Marks and Spencer’s girl just yet.

I was talked through the ranges and styles by a young woman who really knows her product, and was told in no uncertain terms that I needed a variety of both bras and knickers so I could feel comfortable no matter what situation I was in and that comfort the key to feeling good about myself. Believe me, as a transwoman I know only too well the truth of her comments and the value of a good fitting bra.

Having looked at the lingerie I then asked if Boux Avenue sold any hosiery and another showed the range of their stockings and hold up’s. At this I confessed that I always had a problem with holdup’s as they never quite stayed where they were supposed to. Indeed any time I had tried wearing them they tended to go downhill faster than a gold medal winning Olympic skier. Once we had shared a joke about it the girl informed me that I may actually have been wearing the wrong size, and sure enough after checking my height and skirt size it transpired that I had been wearing small when I should in fact have going for a medium.

As we looked at the hosiery than my adviser asked me if I would like to sign up for the VIP service. On being asked I explained that being out of work I may not have much disposable income to dispose of but I was told that it didn’t matter as the purpose of the VIP service was to e-mail preferred customers to make them aware of promotions within the store and also to let them know when these promotions may be ending. This she assured me, avoids any last minute confusion, not to mention potential disappointment. Having explained the advantages of the VIP service it was needless to say an offer I couldn’t refuse and within minutes I was getting signed up quicker than you could say knickers.

Once I had given my details and received my VIP card I left Boux Avenue happy in the knowledge that i was no longer a lingerie orphan as I had found a new home in a boutique which had friendly, professional staff who know to give a woman quality feel good fashion at a price which is kind to her purse. Now to me the really is a journey worth making.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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