Street Lamps And Stars

Hey everyone This is a poem written on the theme of night. I have given it the title Street Lamps And Stars, I hope you enjoy the read.

Street Lamps And Stars

I find there is something comforting about the night
though I realise this does not apply to all
when the city sleeps
some people work
in less than glamorous jobs
working women ply their trade on Glasgow green
as bar staff take last orders

the night has no borders
revellers party as drunks stagger
to catch the late night bus
as they finish fish suppers
the emergency services prepare for whatever trouble the night holds
there is no gold to be found in the city centre
let alone the schemes
years of neglect
misplaced dreams
have led to the eternal dramnation
promised by John Barleycorn and JD
the illusion of happiness
doesn’t come free
the black sky is lit by street lamps and stars
in a time when even the classiest bars have closed
and the last busker has stopped playing
when all have taken the road home
CCTV watches everyone
apart from those on the periphery
ironically the ones who need it most

meanwhile business men have tea and toast
or late night drinks as they watch tv with their wives
the children are fast asleep
they get on with their lives
and get ready to put them on hold
for up to 8 hours
It will soon be time for bed
as the sand man will sprinkle their eyes with star dust
take them to dreamland
far from the realities of others
there is something comforting about the night
as long as you can shelter from its chills

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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