Dress Of My Dreams

Hey everyone. This poem is written on the theme of vintage
and is based on an idea which though unlikely could actually happen namely me finding my perfect wedding dress in a charity shop

Dress Of My Dreams

It had that touch of elegance
classic yet timeless
vintage with a modern twist
I knew I had to have it
despite the fact my wardrobe
is filled to overflowing
there was no way of knowing
If it would be there
should I decide to leave it
and return another day
better safe than sorry
I said to myself
the price tag never put me off
some friends scoffed
claiming I had been mugged
but as it hugged in to my waist
I knew this was the dress of my dreams
now I needed was to find my Mr Right
so what if it was cream rather than white
this bride wouldn’t be blushing
having found my wedding dress
I knew it was time
to begin the search for the groom
unlike my dress he will not be
of a certain vintage
that is only appropriate for antiques, fashion, and wine
all else must be new
or at least appear to be

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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