Weapon Of Choice

Hey everyone. This poem is written on the theme of protest and I’ve titled it Weapon Of Choice. I hope you enjoy the read.

Weapon Of Choice

Mini skirted militant
I wasn’t
I was and probably still remain the voice of moderate missy
I never chained myself to railings burned bras
or anything so radical
I left the fanatical
to the fanatics
I was more likely
to attend community meetings
get involved
in local campaigns
sign petitions
give out leaflets in the rain
talk to friends and neighbours
about why I was going on a march
from equal pay to pride
I could never hide my beliefs
far less my dreams
a girl from the schemes
I may have been
but I still had my opinions
Scotland was always before Britain
though I championed fairness for all
Independent I am
but my world never stopped
at Hadrian’s wall
when some folk asked why I cared
I asked them why they did not
said we had to stop the rot
quoted the words
of Pastor Neimoller
in first they came for communists in the hope they may read some poetry
and realise that in the fight for a better tomorrow
this is my weapon of choice

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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