Red Shoes Danced On The Yellowbrick Road

Hey everyone This is the final day of LGBT Month so I thought I’d write a poem and dedicate it to all those who are proud to be part of the rainbow. On writing it however I realised this is a poem for the girls. It really doesn’t matter if we are Lesbian Trans or Bi. This poem is for all the women of the rainbow. I have titled it Red Shoes Danced On The Yellowbrick Road I hope you enjoy the read.

Red Shoes Danced On The Yellowbrick Road

This was the party to end them all
as venues held more balls than Cinderella could ever attend
and every friend of Dorothy’s was invited
to places and safe spaces
where boys could kiss boys
and girls kiss girls
without dirty looks or stares
nobody cared if those who wanted to do it
kissed both
within a few minutes
this was a night with no limits
where some identity shopped
others gender swapped
and stayed in the one they acquired
there was no blaming others
all were free to discover themselves
young and young at heart
joined a conga along the yellowbrick road
as LGB and T declared for all to see
we are here to celebrate our history
we will do it with dignity
and this material girl
was ready for whatever the night decided to hold
as red shoes danced
I kissed a boy and I liked it
got an offer from a girl
to taste her wine of lust
this made me blush like I was 16
and innocent
which in my head I pretended to be
It wasn’t Kylie
but we danced under the stars
until the last of her suitors had gone
then as dawn broke we saw a rainbow
as we watched the sun come up we knew our tomorrows had started
sealing our future
swapping lipsticks with a kiss

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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