Diary Of A Dream

Hey everyone This poem written in the form of a diary entry tells the story of the final week of the referendum campaign. I’ve titled it Diary Of A Dream I hope you enjoy the read.

Diary Of A Dream

Looking at the photographs
taken in the last week of the campaign
I reflect that if a picture paints a thousand words
my snapshots are a virtual diary
memories of sunny September Saturdays
when I was a runner for various stalls
red, green blue not a trace of yellow
my party’s traditional hue
this was different this united disparate groups
in common cause
to fight for a better nation
free from fear
the skies were clear on that autumn day
I headed home confident
we had the x-factor

Sunday it was church
then the long march to the BBC
where 6,000 gathered to protest
at the pro UK bias
my photographs show
a peaceful protest with no riots
down by the River Clyde
placards telling us to end Tory Rule forever
T-shirts proclaim
never mind the bollocks
just vote yes
yet official reports claim
there were only a handful of protesters
they must be right
I read it in the Record
and I heard about it on BBC

Monday and Tuesday were spent at Partick
working the stall for five hour shifts
a fellow yes voter wears an England top and kilt
to show the diversity our of team and why the dream will never die
I meet an old friend from university days
we talk of good times past
and better days to come
remembering why we will both be voting for tomorrow
due to the yesterday’s that shaped us

On wednesday
the final full day of campaigning
I went to Provan
did street work in teams
told the people of Dennistoun
Duke Street Dreams
then outside the yes shop
got my picture taken with another campaigner
and sensed optimism in the air
later on I went to the square
It was a sea of saltaires
with taxis bedecked in Catalan colours
everywhere you looked there were flags of blue and white
this was our movement our cause our fight
we sensed victory that night
an expectant nation held its breath
the votes were counted and camera snapped no more
the lion forgot to roar
and endangered species live again for now.

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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