The Road To New Beginnings

Hey everyone. This poem is the second I’ve written on a Tell It Slant theme. This one is on topic of decisions and in particular my decision to transition as a women which was without doubt the defining moment of life and has changed it for the better and my only regret was leaving it as long as I did. Eventually however I did take not the high road, or the low road but the right road and that is why I’ve titled this poem The Road To New Beginnings. I hope you enjoy the read.

The Road To New Beginnings

It was a difficult choice
I had two invitations
one to conformity and the safety of an ordered life
the other to a place of challenge
and risks
this would be the better longer term option
if I dared to take the steps required
I would move on a place of eventual contentment
yes there would be resentment
from some with narrow minds
blinded by prejudice and fear
I would be wrongly labelled queer
for daring to be me
was being free to big a chance to take?
would all be all right in the end
I couldn’t pretend to know
this was a choice
to stagnate or grow
depending on what I decided to do
I had procrastinated for too long over the years
placed fears ahead of dreams now it was time to take the chance
as failing may mean
it would not pass my way again
after pausing to reflect just one last time
I went to my room removed my trousers and shirt
replacing them with a little black dress
I looked in the mirror saw the real woman I am
slapped on my make up
as I accepted the chance to be myself
I walked the road to new beginnings

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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