Star Of The Football Team

Hey everyone This being Valentine’s Day I thought I would take you on a walk down memory lane as I recall Valentine’s Day in 1975 and my first crush at secondary school I was 13 with a head full of dreams and he a year older
totally unaware that a secret girl had a very secret crush on him. After all he was the star of the school football team and I had saw him in shorts. I often wonder if in or approaching his early mid 50’s he is still as good looking as he was back in the day. I’d like to think he was and that some girl got seriously lucky
I’ve called the poem Star Of The Football Team and I hope you enjoy the read.

Star Of The Football Team

He was tall, well taller than me
the year above me at school
with a mop of strawberry blonde hair
he was the star of the football team
the sight of him in shorts
made my legs go weak
and my face turn pink
I wasn’t supposed to think like this
I wanted a kiss I couldn’t have
this drove me mad
I blushed with guilt
as I thought of him in a kilt
then a suit
baby faced and cute
he had it all
I contented myself
with lust filled desires
I had but couldn’t admit
the Britain of the mid 1970’s
wasn’t ready for my secret thoughts
I had the hots for Jamie
my first real crush
who wasn’t actually famous
though he had the looks
to make it as my leading man
he was the hero of my x-rated dreams
I wonder if I would still fancy him
this boy who was star of the football team
and awakened me to a world of possibilities
including the value of knowing oops moments happen to us all
and you’re not a real girl till they do

@ Gayle Smith 2015


2 thoughts on “Star Of The Football Team

  1. This is really good! It’s inspiring, and I’m sure that trans people in their teens now can relate to very well written xx

    • Hey Fay, Thanks a lot for reading this poem. It is a really personal one and I’m glad you liked it. I hope as you say, it will cross the generations and let younger trans people and in particular trans girls know they are not the first to have these feelings. I just hope it’s easier for them than it was for me but believe me Jamie was gorgeous.

      Best Wishes
      Gayle XXX

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