A Story Of Nursery Crimes ( A Tale Of Tory Britain)

Hey everyone Have started writing some new poetry based on themes from Tell It Slant and since I’m behind with the themes I decided I would go back to theme one and start from the beginning. The first theme was on Fairytales and I’ve written this tongue in check look at what’s happening in Nursery Land as we speak. The title of the poem of A Story Of Nursery Crimes I’ve given it the subtitle (A Tale Of Tory Britain) Using Tory Britain as a metaphor for disappointment, hopelessness,selfishness,and neglect. Anyway that’s the introduction over, I hope you enjoy what I think will be a thought provoking read.

The Story Of Nursery Crimes

Rapunzel got a hair cut
Sleeping Beauty had a wake up call
Little Jack Horner was left in the corner
Cinderella never made it to the ball
Little Boy Blue took up busking
as nursery land fell apart
at the seems
but Jack was all right he was too stoned to care
he had stolen their futures
for five magic beans

So nursery land was abandoned
allowed to become an intolerant place
wee Willie Wullie Winkle hung out with the neds
Hansel and Gretel were abused due to race
Little Red Riding Hood went out for a walk
and was curfewed for breaking the rules
take heed of this story because if you vote Tory
your children are fed to the wolves

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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