A Pain In The Kilt

Hey everyone Yet again Michael Gray hits the nail on the head in his column in The National. This time the topic is land reform and after reading it at least a dozen times I was inspired to write this poem. I have titled it A Pain In The Kilt as this issue will be a thorn in the side of any government until it is addressed in a radical way which can help to create the fairer more equal society we all want to build

A Pain In The Kilt

The Royals have so many unused acres
and most of the rest of the land
we call home
Is claimed by the wealthy
the rich lords and ladies
not one blade of grass is our people’s to own
most other nations have records which tell you
who has the land but that’s still not the case
In Scotland a land where the titled nobility
hold on to old privileges
our national disgrace

I’ve never understood this class ridden snobbery
where workers defer to the rich in society
this scandal should shock in the 21st Century
It’s time that some people got a taste of reality
when 7 per cent of the people in Scotland
Own twelve times as much
of the land we call ours
It’s time to call time on this criminal obscenity
to create a land register
and give it real powers

This is essential to move Scotland forward
to break feudal chains and the links with the past
It’s union jack Tories who shoot on the grouse moor
who need brought to book
and it needs doing fast

these toffs treat our land
like their own private property
and believe that it’s theirs
till the end of all days
It’s time they were told
our land’s a democracy
we longer have room
for a vacant estate

for the land of all nations
must be owned by inhabitants
It’s greatest resource any country can have
the time has arrived for a fairer society
we must put an end to this vile smash and grab

It’s for one common good that we have to make changes
the vacant estates are a pain in the kilt
from the isles to the tweed
let us value our people
and give them a land
where success can be built

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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