A Parkhead Pampering Session Was Paradise For The Girls

Hey everyone This time last Sunday whilst Celtic were busy showing Rangers how to play football and qualifying for the league cup final I was enjoying a very different kind of day not far from the club’s home ground in the Parkhead area of the city. The reason is that I had been invited to swap Gallowgate for Glamour and attend a girlie afternoon pampering session and that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Like most of my best days I received very little notice as I had only been informed of the event the previous evening when my friend Siobhan informed me the she was hosting an event at the home of her lovely daughter Shannon. This was an invite I just had to accept as Siobhan is many ways like a sister to me and Shannon treats me like her mad but loveable auntie. So the chance to catch up with them was always one I was going to grab with both hands.

Another benefit of attending this event was the fact that it would gave me the chance to meet Shannon’s future hubby Nexy and believe me Shannon has done very well. On meeting Nexy, I have to say I was very impressed by his both intelligence and kindness and I know he will make Shannon very happy.

As we caught up with each other’s news, it wasn’t long before one by one the other girls arrived. First in was Lizzie who would be demonstrating the cosmetics and would therefore be responsible for our pampering. When we started chatting, i found that Lizzie was a big fan of performance poetry and spoken word and is a regular at many spoken word nights on the Edinburgh circuit. In fact, such is her passion for spoken word, that Lizzie believes as I do that performance poetry should be taught in schools as seeing a poet perform their work helps to bring it alive.

Margaret and Julia the latter of whom will be Shannon’s maid of honour completed the small but select guest list and it transpires that like Lizzie I had a connection with Margaret as we share a love of theatre and have more than a few mutual friends as Margaret is a member of GAP community theatre group and this was a group of which I was once a member. As it turns out, the group have a show coming up soon so let’s just that I think I may have to go and see it. Actually i’m too scared not as think my friend Michelle may give me the lecture from hell if I don’t turn up.

Anyway, eventually the chatting was over and one by one we girls took our turn to try the cosmetics from the Airborne range which Lizzie had brought with her. I must admit I always love getting pampered and this was no exception. First we tried the facial routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturising our skin and speaking personally I must say I found this brand not only refreshing as it had a lovely citrus lemon freshness I also noticed it give my skin a real glow which felt totally amazing. Yet as Lizzie explained this is not a brand you will find in the shops as it relies totally on network marketing aka word of mouth to spread the word about the brand which was founded in Sweden and combines the best of nature and science.

After the cleansing routine it was on to the make up and I was told by all the girls that this range really suited me. I have to say I completely agree, though it must be the first time in an age that I have trying applying eye shadow needless to say I enlisted Siobhan’s help as I did with the foundation. In my defence however I will say I managed the lippy pretty well, though Siobhan would say I’ve always managed to be lippy but that as they say is another story.

Eventually like all good things the day had to end as we all had other things to be doing. As I thanked Siobhan for the invite and Shannon for her hospitality both said we would need to do a real catch up sometime soon and you what there right but as i made my way back in to the city centre for last night of Celtic Connections I couldn’t help but thinking that a Parkhead pampering session really was paradise for the girls.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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