I Vow Not To Vote For Mr Brown’s Boys (My Promise To The People Of Scotland)

Hey everyone The headlines in today’s National will I suspect be slightly different in tone to the patronising drivel we will be subjected to be in the unionist press where Gordon Brown a man with neither spine nor principles will yet again be presented to the gullible as the saviour of the world.

It seems in their panic over the potential meltdown facing their party Labour’s most gruesome third rate comedians aka Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown are being trotted out to deliver yet more lies on behalf of their Westminster masters. The not so dynamic duo are now claiming they will go further than the vow if only they elected in May. This is a vow which they claim to have already delivered and Ed Milliband claims never existed. Confused? Don’t worry, so are they, not least it seems, by the lies they’ve told the Scottish electorate.

It seems that Labour’s answer to Dumb and Dumber now think they have transformed themselves from comedians to magicians. One thing they haven’t done however is improved their grading they are still third rate and such is their mediocrity they are struggling to stay at such an advanced level.

Personally I don’t know why Brown is bothering his backside he is after all due to retire at the coming election. A cold, dour,sullen, type Brown is incredibly vain and full of his own self importance. Pompous to the last, he is it can said deluded in the sense that he mistakes sycophancy for service and has the arrogance to believe that Scotland is his own North British Kingdom. Brown was never Scotland’s man at Westminster he was first, last and always Westminster’s man in Scotland. This pomposity knows no limits, and he is also known as they say in political circles to be economical with the truth. Brown is the kind of man who gives Scotland a bad name by reinforcing just about every negative stereotype which has ever been placed on our nation. Make no mistake if Brown tells me we’re going to have two weeks of tropical sunshine I think it’s time to look out the winter woollies.

This is a man who to paraphrase Billy Connolly when he once talked of former President Ronald Reagan that ‘I wouldn’t trust with the remote control for my TV let alone matters of national importance. So when he and Scotland’s self styled Mr Popular Jim Murphy (well Jim is very popular in the world according to Jim) start telling further they will deliver home rule even though they already delivered it you just know you’ve smelled this speech before probably just as you pass a manure site.

It seems that Murphy’s Law is filled with Brown stuff and I don’t mean Gordon’s influence he was always more of a Blair boy that way. However such is his capacity for bullshitting, he is developing of Brown’s traits he is starting to believe in his own invincibility and has been held prisoner by his own ego since the moment he entered Westminster.

Murphy seems to think he has already taken on the SNP and not only that he has beaten them. This is complete garbage. Trust me we are smarter far smarter than he thinks. Believe me we will know the moment to strike and this is not it. This I would suggest is the time to let Labour make fools of themselves then sit back and watch it all unravel and believe me it will unravel far faster than The Loyal British Labour And Unionist Party would like.

For Murphy and his soon to be retired wing man or should that be right wing man to claim that there new vow will give Scotland the most devolved in the world is one of three things. The choices are (A) A Lie (B) The Insane Rantings Of Deranged Power Crazed Mad Man (C) Both and by the way everyone before you place your bets I should inform you the smart money is on C. My theory seems to be backed up by Andrew Tickell who hits the nail on the head by saying that ‘Since his election Jim Murphy’s political shamelessness has taken on an almost magical quality. This may be and in my opinion is most certainly true however make no mistake about one simple fact Murphy is a charlatan of the very highest order if not the highest calibre he was after all groomed in the Tory Blair School of Dark Arts. This is a place so demonic only those who would sell their granny for magic beans could gain entry.

This idea of the Vow Plus as some of the more servile unionists are calling it is and I make no bones about it completely ludicrous and it is ludicrous for a number of reasons. I highlight two in particular to show just how inept this drivel really is. Firstly It makes a mockery of Scotland. It seems that Dumb and Dumber really think they have some sort of historical claim on Scotland and can abuse us like some sort of medieval rotten burgh. Something tells me they are going to get a very rude awakening in wee small hours of the 8th of May.

My second reason for calling this ludicrous is that it makes a number of fanciful claims most of which are fairly easy to trash. There are many examples that Murphy and Brown have taken up residence in cloud cuckoo land, a residence for which they had better not dare to claim expenses. It is I’m told a long way from reality and a trillion light years from Scotland. Some of the best illustrations that they have gone completely barking are bourne out by fanciful comments such as the one I quotes earlier that ‘Scotland will have the most devolved parliament in the world’. This as Andrew Learmonth shows in his article was a claim which was quickly dismissed by Professor Michael Keating chair of Scottish Politics at the University Of Aberdeen who said ‘the new powers promised will still see Scotland fall far short of other devolved legislatures such as Federal states or the Canadian provinces who can create whatever taxes they like and very extensive powers over welfare. There goes another myth into the political dustbin.

Also the fact that Murphy claimed his party had an unanswerable advantage over the SNP because they stand every part of Britain shows a man who is clearly not living in the real world. Murphy then demonstrates just how far out of this orbit he is by saying Labour can offer the chance to get rid of the Tories rather than just protest against them. This would be laughable if were not so utterly bloody revolting. You see what Jim and Broon are too smug to realise is that for four elections in a row covering the years 1979-1997 Scotland had Labour majorities yet Scotland had Conservative governments.
This need never have happened if only Labour had found some guts. Labour had the chance to side with Scotland help us win our independence and regain not only our independence but a Labour Party with real socialist values and principles. This however was too much for the comrades to handle so I will take no lectures from well paid, spineless, idiots whose real mantra is vote Labour and hope for the best. I do not hope for the best, I demand it and I know is unachievable under any unionist party now or at any time in the future.

There has been a popular myth in Scottish politics started jointly no doubt by both the Labour and Conservative Parties probably in the aftermath of Winnie Ewing’s sensational victory in the Hamilton by-election in 1967 when I was a bairn in primary 1 or 2 that an SNP vote was a wasted vote. Well let’s be honest it was in their interests to spin this story just in case people got wise to them and their lies. Well today we know that myth has been well and debunked and It is not an SNP vote which is a wasted one it is a Labour vote which makes you totally dependent on others which is real the barrier to progress in Scotland. I learned the futility of voting Labour after I gave them my first General Election vote in 1983 and vowed the morning after a Conservative landslide under Thatcher that I would never vote Labour again. This is a vow I am proud to say I have honoured and will till the day I die
You know every time I see Jim Murphy and Gordon Brown I think of the late 80’s chart toppers Erasure. This is not because the undynamic duo can actually sing but more due to the fact that Erasure had a great song called Ship Of Fools and that to me sums the Labour Party In Scotland. They just don’t get it, and now months on from the independence referendum they still can’t figure out why Scotland there once loyal heartland has turned so viciously against them. I can and I’ll give them the benefit of my wisdom. You see, the way I see it it’s like this. For over two years the Loyal British Labour And Unionist Party stood shoulder to shoulder with the bankers and the billionaires of the Tory Party rather than the working class voters of Scotland who until then had at least at Westminster elections stayed faithful to them. As a result of this betrayal the Scottish people are very angry and that anger is unlikely to subside any time soon. Labour as Jim Sillars a man who started out in their ranks before leaving to join a party in which socialists are allowed to speak are about to face their day of reckoning and that I believe will come in the 2016 Scottish Elections. No longer we be told independence is not for us, it is ours to claim and we will do so by making our own vow so let’s vow to the people of Scotland, and vow not to vote for Mr Brown’s Boys and remember to keep our promise to the people of Scotland on this and every election until we truly are in the words of the song by that brilliant Irish patriot Thomas Davis a nation once again.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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