The Red Dress

Hey everyone. A poem entitled The Red Dress I suppose you could say it’s a statement of intent as though shows my more daring side it also let’s people know I have standards and refuse to settle for second best.

The Red Dress

The Red Dress is bold
a statement of intent
it says this girl
is not content to settle
for contentment or conformity
It’s never been my way
this dress says I have something to say
and you will hear me
I will not be ignored
If I need to I will roar
the earth will quake
this would be a big mistake
I am not the type to anger
but when I do you will know
this dress is not red carpet
but neither is it plain
It is respectable but risky
sitting as it does
just above the knee
it does not scream notice me
though it will get me noticed
and maybe find me potential suitors
on whom I could take a chance
or give the last dance at 3 in the morning
this dress comes with a warning
If your not prepared to be brave
then save your kisses for someone else
I have standards
and I never settle for seconds

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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