The Warriors

Hey everyone This poem is written for all of those who have given their all for Scotland and Democracy. At this time we remember Shettleston’s Norrie Paterson but we also think of those already greeting him in heaven such as Alison Hunter, Bashir Ahmed MSP, Brian Adam MSP, Donald Stewart MP, Hamish Henderson, Jim Mitchell, Jimmy Reid, John MacLean, Margaret Ewing MP Margo MacDonald, Steve Butler, Stephen Maxwell, and so many more. This is a reminder that our country, our movement, and our people stand on the shoulders of giants. We will not let them down and we shall never rest until we finish the job they started and bring the banner home. I have called the poem The Warriors I hope you enjoy the read.

The Warriors

As I look towards our father
I see our warriors stand
with Scotland’s sword of justice
and a place at god’s right hand
those patriots who fought and died
against Britannia’s might
the bravest of the brave our kin
remember them and fight

In Scotland’s name they all campaigned
to end the plague of poverty
for workers rights they fought the fight
to create a true democracy
a land where by ourselves alone
we’d build a fairer nation
a Scotland fit for one and all
their only inspiration

Our people would not go to war
without the world’s permission
our children would have the right to dream
and be taught to believe in ambitions
so now we say a fond farewell
as another warrior rests
Alba Gu Brath Tiofiadch Arla
they will join with the bravest and best

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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