An Introduction To Trans Women For Beginners

Hey everyone Another poem for all of you with trans women in your circle of friends. Be they daughters, sisters, parents or friends, this will hopefully help you to understand the challenges and difficulties we face on first coming out to the face the world. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving my journey and have a fantastic group of supportive friends to help me. That said I acknowledge the fact that not everyone is so lucky but to any trans girls or trans women thinking on taking the step I would thoroughly recommend it because life is better when you can be who you are and it is with this mind I have written An Introduction To Trans Women For Beginners. I hope you find it a challenging but enjoyable read as I set about smashing some of the most common assumptions with regards to transsexual stereotypes.

An Introduction To Trans Women For Beginners

Note to the stereotypical world
this is an introduction to trans women for beginners
I think is it important you to realise
my world isn’t all about make up and guys
my life is not all red carpet glamour
sometimes you will need a suit of armour
to escape my rage
this is just one of the changes
which has occurred in the last few years
tears I was once reluctant to cry
now flow like rivers
this is an introduction to trans women for beginners

Yes I really think you need this
and I know you might think it’s a lecture
but I will surrender to my heart
before I will do so to any man
or woman come to that
I will chat ,flirt, wear skirts,
my mother would never have allowed
I am proud of myself
and of the woman I am
even more so of the women I will be
I am free to say it as I see it
and believe me I will
I can be cinderella or cruella de vile
depending on how you behave
I do not want a slave nor want to be a servant
I am independent have my own thoughts
which you will not repress
just because I look good
in a little black dress
I have no place for little gray minds
I don’t do limits
this is an introduction to trans woman for beginners

I know you say you believe in equality
but do you believe in equal pay?
fair play alone just doesn’t cut it
you need to stand strong when others ask
what are you doing with her
can you deal with that
or will you walk away and keep on walking
I’m tired of explaining
I’m not complaining
just stating the facts
do you think you can cope?
it will not be an easy ride
but if you’ve survived
this introduction to trans women for beginners
then all I have just to say
is welcome to my world and my life

@ Gayle Smith 2015


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