A Journalist Played The Numbers Game But The Numbers Just Didn’t Add Up

Hey everyone It seems that BBC journalist Andrew Marr has rather annoyed some pro independence supporters by stating in an interview with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett that it had been ‘a momentous week for the Greens who had this week overtaken the Liberal Democrats to become Britain’s third largest political party’.

To me at least this is a case of Mr Marr being both right and wrong at the same time and not something that pro independence supporters particularly those in the SNP should be getting hot and bothered about. It is certainly not worth getting frosty with the Green party leader Natalie Bennett and risk a rift damaging a potential anti-austerity ailliance.
You see if as I suspect, Mr Marr who by the way is a journalist I happen to like far more than say Nick Robinson was looking at parties who contest in all the nations of mainland Britain then his statement was indeed perfectly correct. This being the case I congratulate Ms Bennett and her Scottish team of Patrick Harvie and Alison Johnstone on reaching this historic milestone and overtaking both The Liberal Democrats and UKIP in the process.

I notice there was no mention of the fact that the Greens had overtaken UKIP. I would like to ask Mr Marr if was this an oversight? or are you still trying to give Nigel Farage delusions of relevance that and his party are anymore than a sideshow. To be honest I don’t know the answer to that question but if you do you have the duty to answer it honestly.

I do however congratulate you on the fact you had the decency to interview Ms Bennett. The next step will be up to your bosses and those of other TV channels to include her and the party she leads included in the UK leaders General Election debates. After all this has been requested by no less a person than The Right Honourable David Cameron MP who is at least Thursday May the 7th the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I state this case on behalf of Ms Bennett on the provision that Mr Marr was factually accurate as he would be referring to parties who will be contesting seats in Scotland, England and Wales and not just basing his comments on raw data. If this was the case and I sincerely hope it wasn’t, then Mr Marr has got his facts very badly wrong.

As a member of the SNP that’s Scottish National Party for the benefit of my friends from outside Scotland, I know that our current membership of 93,000 and rising far out numbers that of the other parties mentioned in this post even if and I accept this argument without reservation they have more of a geographical spread throughout the British Isles. If however, Andrew Marr is only looking at numerical data regardless of location then even on a UK basis he should have known that the SNP are third largest party in the British Isles and should have been honest enough to say so. Anything else is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public or as I prefer to call it, lying. Believe me it would not be the first time this organisation had indulged in Anti-Scottish behaviour. As recently as yesterday Nick Robinson one of Mr Marr’s colleagues was cleared of what some sycophantic unionists are calling an SNP slur when we correctly called that Robinson had lied, as he claimed that our then First Minister Alex Salmond had not answered a question he had put to him.

The problem with Mr Robinson’s lie was that the viewers on an earlier edition of the BBC news had seen Mr Salmond give a comprehensive answer to Mr Robinson’s question and made sure to put it on the internet so by the time Robinson tried to peddle his lie far too many people for the BBC’s liking had been exposed to the truth. It wasn’t Alex Salmond who never answered the question, it was the BBC who didn’t like the answer he gave.

Of course I realise that the role of a state controlled broadcaster is to protect the interests of the state. That said however, the BBC bias towards the pro union better together campaign bordered on both the fanatical and the farcical. That and that alone are reasons there were so many BBC Bias demonstrations in the run up to the independence referendum and you know they even tried to lie about the attendance figures when we demonstrated right in front of their own eyes. I know this as the official figures we were given by Police Scotland for the last demonstration on the sunday before the vote was 6,000 yet first reports from good old impartial auntie beeb was 600 which they adjusted to 1,500 and eventually 2,000. You can always trust the BBC or as I like to call it UKIP at prayer, they never let some as important as the truth get in the way of a good story. I suspect it will be the same again during the run up to the general election and I know that there will be more BBC Bias demonstrations planned in protest at SNP leader and Scotland’s First Minister being excluded from the televised leaders debates.

Now before any misguided soul tries to spin the line that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t sit in the Westminster parliament, it is my duty to have to remind these poor ill informed people that the SNP currently the SNP have six Westminster MP’s compared to only one Green Caroline Lucas and two UKIP members. Also neither the Green party’s leader Natalie Bennett or UKIP leader Nigel Farage is an MP at present so that blows that argument right out the water.

Of course some people will say that there will be time constraints and I do accept that this will indeed be the case. However one of the best debates in the referendum had six speakers all of whom made excellent contributions on the night so to say that a similar number would not be able to provide us with such high quality discussion is in fact nonsense.

So I say as a woman who believes in real choice, let us have the Green Party represented in these debates but also let us at least two debates where either the SNP or Plaid Cmyru are represented Wales just like Scotland is still a part of the UK Family of nations and I have heard from very reliable sources that Leanne Wood is like Nicola Sturgeon a woman of passion, purpose, and principle. Oh and while I’m at it let’s not forget to invite UKIP. You see as a democrat I believe it is important that all voices are heard even ones I don’t agree with. It would be good to see UKIP come up against the SNP/ Plaid coalition or the Greens, as it would finally nail one of the dirtiest lies in politics which is often spun by the politically ignorant. This is that being nationalists the SNP or Plaid must be Scottish or Welsh versions of UKIP. This makes me very angry and believe me nothing and I mean nothing could be further from the truth and a UK wide televised debate would kill this myth stone dead.

Perhaps, and I’m just throwing in to the mix that may be what the main UK unionist parties secretly fear as it would put an end to the lazy politics in which they so often find such comfort. This is best summed up by the title of a song by Scotland’s top musical satarist Alan Citizen Smart who rocked the River Clyde on the day of that last BBC protest with the brilliant I heard about it on the BBC. This morning a journalist tried to play the numbers game but I’m sorry to have to tell him his numbers just didn’t add up.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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