If Growing Up Means Growing Old It Can Wait Till The Twelfth Of Never

Hey everyone On Saturday rock legend Rod Stewart celebrated his 70th birthday on what was a busy week of birthday commemorations for the rockers of the 1960’s and 70’s. David Bowie had turned 68 on Thursday the same day that had he still been with us Elvis Presley would have reached the grand old age of 80.

These birthdays were no doubt widely celebrated by the fans of the artists concerned, though for me though I liked some of their music in my childhood and adolescence only for me only Rod Stewart has had any lasting appeal. Well some of his songs were excellent particularly Sailing, and I was only joking which were I think his best work. However though he could sing and there was no doubt he could put on a show, Rod had in my opinion far more important qualities in his locker the man oozed sex appeal. This was a bad boy who knew all the moves and wasn’t afraid to shake those hips. When you add that to the fact that he wasn’t bad looking and a lovely tight bum you can see why he was by far my favourite of these iconic stars.

When it comes to Elvis I always think of him as being as my parents generation, he was after all only four years younger than my mum and eight years younger than my dad. It is therefore only natural that they had far more of a connection to him and his music than I ever did. As for Bowie I did like some of his stuff but I knew that though not biologically female I was in fact a girl and more than that I was quite a girly girl and I liked boys who were a bit more clean cut and who wouldn’t raid the contents of my make up bag when the great day came and I was lucky enough to have one. In other words when it came to poster boys for my bedroom wall I preferred Donny Osmond to any of those mentioned.

The point I make however is that no matter how rich or famous we may be there is one fact we cannot escape, sooner or later age catches up with us all. This includes those we call heroes and heroines in every walk of life. Nobody lives forever and when those we once looked up to as stars gradually reach certain landmark birthdays it serves to remind us of our own mortality.

This no matter how uncomfortable it may be for us is part of the natural cycle of life. It reminds us that no matter how indestructible we may appear to be in the days of our youth we will eventually grow old before
the day comes when having completed our journey we are no longer here.

For some people that journey may have started on the day that Pele the footballing icon of their youth turned 60 in the year 2000 for others closer to my age it may have been when Johann Cruyff had he lived in Scotland would have qualified for a free bus pass on reaching 65 in 2011. For today’s teens and twenty somethings it will be when Cheryl Cole gets to whatever age they fear as being old or the first member of One Direction begins to shows signs of balding. As for me I felt a wee twinge of maturity when former First Minister Alex Salmond turned 60 at Hogmaney but I’ll know for sure that I can’t turn the clock back when Donny Osmond reaches that age on the 9th of December 2017. I name that event because it will be on that fateful day and not one second earlier that I will make my first reluctant concessions to the ageing process and the length of my skirts and dresses may have to sit on the knee.
Till then however I am in no mood to give up pretending I can still remain young rather than young at heart despite each passing birthday telling me otherwise.

So if I you don’t mind, or even you do, I think I’ll keep my mini skirt handy just in case I might still need it. Well look how its worked for Joan Collins. I mean our heroes and heroines may grow older but,I think we should retain a sense of reality about this and remember age really is just a number. To me at least this has always true it certainly doesn’t mean you have to turn in to a moaning faced whinger. There is simply no excuse for becoming that boring in this life or a million others if you ever get the chance to have them. I mean come on that kind of behaviour is simply not on so believe me when I say that if growing up means growing old it can wait until the twelfth of never.

Love And Best Wishes
Gayle X


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